There is some good news for Orangeville taxpayers in the 2019 municipal budget. Members of Orangeville Council adjusted the draft budget during budget deliberations. The final budget will result in a tax increase of 0.82 percent for the average home in the current year.

“Residents of Orangeville are tired of being the leaders in residential taxation in Ontario,” said Mayor Sandy Brown. “A Town budget increase of only 0.82 percent is a significant achievement. Helping us to achieve this result is the fact that there were some unallocated funds from previous years. Town staff provided a path for us to achieve a low budget – and we took that path. Several important projects will proceed in 2019 including improvements to our website, a much-needed rework of Harvey Curry splash pad and park, reconstruction of Gifford, Little York and a portion of Faulkner Street, upgrades to our water supply infrastructure and many other capital projects. We also accelerated a Parks and Recreation Master Plan consultation to 2019 from 2020 -- to give Council accurate information about our facilities in advance of significant planned spending in future years. Many Councillors, myself included, ran election campaigns promising austerity and increased efficiencies at Town Hall. We will continue to look at creative ways to reduce costs to the taxpayer without significant reductions in service levels. Congratulations to Town staff and Town Council for a collaborative effort to achieve this excellent result for the taxpayers of Orangeville.”

The average homeowner whose home had a market value assessment of $363,000 in 2018, assuming there has been no change to the current value assessment, would see an approximate increase of $24.93 on the Town portion of their tax bill.

Capital projects approved for the current year include:

  • Faulkner Street reconstruction (Westminster Lane to Elizabeth Street ($684,000, with $495,000 coming from tax levy
  • Gifford Street reconstruction ($525,000, with $40,000 coming from tax levy)
  • Little York Street reconstruction ($1.2 million, with $747,000 coming from tax levy)
  • Dawson Road bridge rehabilitation ($269,000)
  • Tideman Drive bridge rehabilitation ($217,000)
  • Assessment/repair of retaining wall on Blind Line ($220,000)
  • Water supply work ($700,000 funded from development charges)
  • Well treatment ($875,000 funded by water reserves)
  • Library collection ($190,000 funded from reserves)
  • Public counter improvements at Opera House ($60,000)
  • Website redesign ($80,000)
  • HVAC repairs at Alder Recreation Centre ($75,000)
  • Air handling and HVAC upgrades at animal shelter ($175,000)
  • Town Hall basement renovation ($35,000)
  • Town Hall window and door replacement ($175,000)
  • Harvey Curry Park improvements to playground and splash pad ($1 million, financed through debt)
  • Lighting upgrades at the Alder Recreation Centre ($100,000)