Two intersections on Alder Street, west of Riddell Road, will see changes starting April 12, aimed at increasing pedestrian safety and enhancing existing crosswalks. 

The changes will see the current intersection removed from Alder and Sherwood Street and a new one erected at Alder and Glengarry Road.

“Council implemented the all-way stop at Alder and Sherwood in response to traffic and pedestrian safety concerns,” said Mayor Lisa Post. “Following the traffic study and recommendations by Town staff, we heard feedback from the community and recognized that a change needed to be made to a location that would make more sense and that could help enhance an already existing crossing. We hope this change will bring added peace of mind to residents and parents facing traffic concerns in this area.”

The decision to move the intersection came as the result of a traffic study the Town undertook in 2022. 

In September, Council directed staff to review the intersection and traffic safety in relation to its location to pedestrian crossing facilities, school walking routes, vehicle and pedestrian crossing volumes, and the potential impacts on driveways of local residents. 

Over the next few weeks, residents in the area will begin seeing signage reminding them of the upcoming changes. They will also receive a letter from the Town outlining what to expect. 

A full copy to the traffic study results and more information can be found at