The Town of Orangeville’s 2020 draft budget was tabled at the November 11 meeting of Orangeville Council.

The draft consolidated budget of approximately 60 million requires $36.6 million in net levy before assessment growth. This represents a $1.01 million (2.85%) increase from the 2019 levy requirement. Factoring in real assessment growth from 2019 of 1.35 percent, the net levy increase for the 2020 consolidated budget is 1.5 percent or $534,669.

The proposed 2020 budget has been prepared on the premise that the Town will deliver the same level and quality of services approved in the 2019 operating budget, said Treasurer Nandini Syed. “Staff have worked diligently to realize efficiencies in 2020 and managed to continue this trend in the subsequent years,” Ms. Syed said.

The presentation of the five-year operating and 10-year capital budgets is set for November 25 and 26, respectively. Additional budget meetings are scheduled for December 9 and 16, if required.