To support local businesses as they navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many programs and resources being offered by all levels of government. Find more information on the COVID-19 Resources for Businesses page

Open Orangeville Business Recovery Plan is a three-phased recovery plan. Following are highlights of the business-related objectives and actions.

Recovery  Phase I - Restart

Phase one is concentrated on adhering to requirements of the Province and Public Health officials to ensure the protection, health and well-being of the business community. This phase remains in effect for the duration of any Declaration of Emergency. A detailed business recovery document is available.


  1. Adhering to Provincial and Public Health requirements, support efforts to ensure the protection, health and well-being of the business community.
  2. Identify and respond to the needs and challenges of business owners during closure periods.
  3. Ensure that owners are informed of regulations and initiatives and can access programs that will support them and their employees.


  • creation and maintenance of an online recovery portal
  • situational impact assessment
  • communication of information, resources, initiatives and services
  • proactive outreach and support to business community across all sectors
  • buy local initiative launched
  • online business webinars for COVID-19 related management and response
  • advocacy for business-related relief opportunities
  • outreach to Manufacturing Sector for opportunities
  • Tourism Strategy and Action Plan
  • promotion of arts initiatives to support artists where possible

Recovery  Phase II - Relaunch

Province to introduce required health and safety protocols and a gradual, staged reopening of public spaces and businesses. A detailed business recovery document is available.


  1. Support businesses to prepare for reopening through education and communication of protocols required.
    Assist businesses to adapt to “new normal” practices and procedures that are in place.
  2. Focus on business retention, assist with reintegration efforts and completion of detailed analysis of sector needs through in-depth surveying.
  3. Explore workforce implications and trends.

What's being done

  • share and support reopening preparedness protocols/reintegration
  • PPE Database established
  • Business Resiliency Map (What’s open)
  • Tourism Strategy and Action Plan
  • expand role of Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee (BEDAC)
  • launch business retention initiatives
  • workforce planning
  • review of municipal practices/bylaws
  • showcase cultural and artistic talents
  • support preparedness for Infrastructure Project

Recovery  Phase III - Recover

Phase 3 occurs as all business sectors have transitioned from re-integration to more routine and regular operations, with acknowledgment that “new normal” practices and procedures are in place. Public and worker health and safety remain top priorities. This phase exists until vaccine introduced and widely implemented.


  1. Plan for and encourage business uptake of innovations, processes and services that will protect and expand revenue generating capacities.
  2. Resume regular efforts to fulfill the Town’s Economic Development Strategy and new Tourism Strategy and Action Plan.
  3. Complete internal review for new normal efficiencies and best practices to be implemented ongoing.

What's being done

  • provision of learning/planning opportunities for SMEs
  • situational Impact assessment
  • advocacy
  • programming
  • Workforce Development
  • infrastructure stimulus projects - tourism/cultural focus
  • implementation of Orangeville Tourism Strategy and Action Plan
  • examine new Community Improvement Plan (CIP)
  • preparedness and mitigation planning
  • review and adoption of new internal processes impacting external practices