Island Lake with blades of green grass in the front on a nice sunny day

“No Tobogganing” sign in place since 2009

Jan 8, 2015 | Parks and Recreation | General

Many a toboggan has slid down “Murray’s Mountain” in Orangeville although the hill has never been classified as a “toboggan hill”.

At the beginning of December 2014, a “No Tobogganing” sign that was originally erected in 2009 when the Town purchased the property from the Upper Grand District School Board, was replaced by the Parks and Recreation Department. The new sign was erected on the same pole as the previous sign but instead of facing south the sign now faces north. That makes the sign more visible to people climbing the hill.

The sign was placed at the top of the hill in 2009 for safety concerns, as directed by the Town’s insurance company. “Murray’s Mountain has never been classified as a toboggan hill, it’s never been insured as a toboggan hill, and it’s never been maintained as a toboggan hill,” said Parks and Recreation Director Ed Brennan. “While we all appreciate fun winter activities, some of them have inherent risks and bring liability issues for municipalities.”

“This is one of those unfortunate circumstances we find ourselves in in the modern world,” said Mayor Jeremy Williams. “I’m looking forward to Orangeville Council weighing in to see how we can legally permit tobogganing in future.”

Murray’s Mountain is the only location posted with a “No Tobogganing” sign in the Town.