The Town of Orangeville welcomes you to our Swim for Life program. Our pools offer the Lifesaving Society Swim for Life program with a focus on the development of swimming skills and safety in and around the water. Group classes, private and semi-private lessons are available.

New On-line Swimming Lesson Report Cards

No more soggy printouts! View and print your children's report cards from home.

The Town of Orangeville is pleased to introduce Swimgen, an online report card that lets you review their child's swimming lesson progress.  

We've joined many others across Canada in providing access to swimming lesson reports on our website.

Login to Swimgen  

Use the first two letters of your child's first name, followed by their last name, to view their online progress report. (All lowercase letters, no hyphens).

Need help? email the Aquatics team


Swimming Lesson Registration begins Tuesday, March 2 

In order to ensure a safe learning environment for all swimmers, the following guidelines have been implemented: 

  • Program capacities have been reduced to allow for physical distancing. 

  • All lessons will be taught at a distance by qualified instructors to allow participants and staff to maintain a physical distance from others. 

  • Participants in Preschool levels up to Swimmer 3B will be required to have a parent or caregiver (14 years and older) in the water with them for physical contact and safety purposes. 

  • When possible, we do encourage you to come “swim-ready” to limit the volume of people in the change rooms. 

  • Swimmers must remain at least two meters apart when in the water. 

  • Limited equipment will be used and will be sanitized between each use. 

  • Private/Semi lessons (or lessons to a family "bubble") will be available for all levels. 

  • Participants will be permitted into the facility with a maximum of 1 caregiver in order to minimize the amount of patrons in the facility. 

  • Please ensure you are wearing a mask in all public spaces such as change rooms, entering and leaving the pool deck area. Masks are not required in the pool while swimming. 


We are having a difficulty to load your requested events, please come back at a later time.

Swimming assessments

We can help you find the best fit for your child's swimming level. Please call Aquatics at 519-940-9092 ext. 4110 to schedule your assessment. Assessments are completed by our instructors during swimming lessons and public swims.

The instructor will recommend the best level based on your child's current ability. If you did not participate in lessons in a previous session, we recommend receiving an assessment or registering back into the level that was previously taken.

General lesson information

Review the following information prior to beginning swimming lessons with the Town of Orangeville.

First day

Before the first class, please inform the instructor if your child is repeating the level.

Meeting spot

Classes will meet in the same location each week. Please wait with young children at the designated meeting area. Signs are posted around the pool to indicate where instructors will meet their students.

Report cards

We will evaluate participants throughout the course. You will receive individual feedback on a report card after the last day of lessons. This will indicate if your child needs to repeat the class or if they are able to move to the next level. Access the Aquatic Progress Report which highlights areas of achievement and continued practice.

Lesson viewing

We ask that you watch from the pool viewing areas while your child is in lessons. Please do not leave the facility.  This will be different during COVID-19.

Missed classes

Make-up classes and refunds are not available to students who miss a class. Credits can be requested in writing for absences due to medical reasons. If the Town cancels a class for unforeseen circumstances a class credit will be added to your family account.

Instructor requests

Contact us to make instructor requests after you have registered your child in a swimming program. We will do our best to accommodate instructor requests, but we cannot guarantee that requests will be granted.

Low enrolment

Programs not meeting registration requirements may be cancelled at any time. Programs may also be combined to meet the program enrolment minimums.

Questions or comments during lessons

There is a designated on-deck instructor who is available to answer questions. This instructor is a lesson expert and can solve most problems quickly. Do not hesitate to speak to one of these staff members at any time during your lessons. Please do not wait until the last class.