Experience Orangeville in a whole new way using this interactive map. Here you'll find locations and details about our community's diverse set of activities, sites, and stories. Discover tree sculptures, utility box art, murals, and monuments that comprise the Town’s growing public art collection. You can also explore Orangeville's history by following three self-guided walking tours, each highlighting significant buildings and structures that make up the foundation of today’s community.

Download the Driftscape mobile app to discover these same details on your phone when you visit Orangeville. Using the app, you'll enjoy added features like augmented reality and offline exploration tools. 

How to use this map:

1. Scroll in and out of the map view using your mouse or the +/- buttons on the top left corner to see all of the points of interest in a certain area.

2. Use the search feature by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and typing in a specific item. For example, you can type "tree sculptures" or "utility boxes" to find those locations.

3. Toggle between map and list view using the icons on the top right corner. In map view, click on the icon of a specific location to find photos and details. Double-click to expand the view. In list view, click on a location to expand.

Map legend:

Green map maker Tree sculptures

Blue map markerUtility boxes, murals and other public art

Orange map markerHeritage buildings and landmarks

Green recreation map markerOutdoor Recreation