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Facilities and Parks

The Facilities and Parks division of the Community Services Department has a diverse offering of venues for whatever activities you wish to enjoy.

Whatever the season, there's always activities offered at the Town's recreation facilities -- the Tony Rose Memorial Sports Centre or the Alder Recreation Centre.

The Facilities and Parks division plays a major role in the quality of life that the residents of Orangeville have come to expect. This is achieved through outstanding facilities, parks, trails, and a dedicated team of professionals.

The Town’s facilities that Community Services has in its portfolio covers everything from multi-purpose recreation centres, corporate facilities, tourism centre, theatre, fire services, animal control, library, train station, and project management.

The Town of Orangeville’s park system consists of 35 parks with amenities such as sports fields, pavilions, play structures, outdoor fitness equipment and a network of trails that are in excess of 20 kilometres in length.

This diverse portfolio is extremely important to the overall wellness and healthy lifestyle opportunities that exist not only for the residents of Orangeville, but for the surrounding community as well.

To get a bird's eye view of the municipal parks or to zero in on one check out our park locator.

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