Performance Measures

The Town strives to be accountable to taxpayers. Your tax dollars go toward providing quality services valued by the Orangeville community. The Town is continually monitoring the quality and performance of the services that are provided through various means, one of which is the Ontario Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP).

The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has developed a series of performance measurements which make comparisons of municipalities more consistent and meaningful. These required measures may change from year to year.


The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing requires the Town to provide its MPMP data annually for eight core municipal service areas, specifically:

  1. Transit Services
  2. Transportation Services (roads, bridges and culverts, winter control)
  3. Storm Water Management
  4. Fire Services
  5. Parks and Recreation
  6. Orangeville Public Library
  7. Local Government Administration
  8. Building Services

Find out more about Ontario's Municipal Performance Measurement Program.