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The Town of Orangeville uses a multi-barrier approach to ensure safe, clean drinking water for all residents. The very first barrier in our multi-barrier approach is Source Water Protection.

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What is Source Water Protection?

Source Water Protection is a provincial initiative being implemented to protect municipal drinking water sources such as lakes, rivers and groundwater from contamination and overuse. By protecting our drinking water sources, we can ensure that there is enough safe water for everyone today and in the future.   

Where does Orangeville’s drinking water come from?

The Town relies on 12 wells to supply groundwater for us to drink. Groundwater comes from rain or snow that seeps below the ground’s surface and pools in the cracks and spaces in the soil, sand, and rock. These underground sources of water are known as aquifers.  Protecting our drinking water aquifers from pollution makes it easier and less expensive to treat water before delivering it to our taps.  


illustration of where our water comes from

How do we protect drinking water sources?

The Town, Province, and the local Source Protection Authority are implementing policies in the Credit Valley – Toronto and Region – Central Lake Ontario (CTC) Source Protection Plan to address activities that have the potential to adversely impact the quality and quantity of local drinking water supplies.

Source protection policies require businesses and landowners in the vulnerable areas surrounding municipal wells to manage or eliminate activities that are considered a significant risk to drinking water supplies.  These activities are identified as significant drinking water threats

Am I affected by the Source Water Protection program? 

If your property or business is located in a vulnerable area, and you are engaged in an activity identified as a significant drinking water threat, there may be policies that affect you.  The following steps will help determine if you are affected by the CTC Source Protection Plan:   

  1. Use the map search tool below to determine if your property is in a source protection vulnerable area
  2. Consult the list of significant drinking water threat activities that are subject to policies at your property’s location
  3. Contact us. Staff can help you determine if the activities at your property are subject to source protection policy requirements.

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Protecting drinking water supplies is everyone’s responsibility. Browse this website for more information on the source water protection initiative and tips on how you can help! 

Interested in learning more about the source protection program? Watch this video: