Water Quality & Reports

The operation of the Town's water works is regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Ontario Water Resources Act.

Regulation 170/03 under the Safe Drinking Water Act prescribes the monitoring and water quality checking that must be done to ensure that the water that is supplied to the consumer is safe for consumption.

Regulation 170/03 requires the Town to complete annual reports on the operation of the Town's water system.

The Annual Report for any given year has to be completed by February 28th of the following year, and the Summary Report by March 31st.

The reports are presented to Council and are available to the public on the website (from the following links).  Hard copies are available at no charge from the Public Works Department.

The 2017 annual report for Water Works is now available.

The 2017 summary report for Water Works is now available.

The Water and Wastewater Financial Plan is now available.