Orangeville Zoning By-law 22-90

A zoning by-law is a document that regulates the use of land and location of any buildings or structures. It states exactly what land uses are currently permitted and provides detailed information such as:

  • Where buildings or structures may be located
  • Types of uses and dwellings permitted
  • Standards for lot size, yard dimensions and setbacks, building height and parking requirements

The Town of Orangeville Zoning By-law 22-90 was enacted by Council in March, 1990, but has been amended and updated many times since then. The Town's Official Consolidation of Zoning By-law 22-90 as amended, together with its schedules, are available below and can be downloaded and printed for use. The posting of these documents is meant for convenience purposes only. All information should be verified as being the most current by contacting the Planning Division.

Planning Information Portal:  Interactive Map Information for Zoning By-law 22-90

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