Orangeville Official Plan

The Town of Orangeville Official Plan charts the course for future land use decision-making within the municipality regarding issues such as land use, built form, transportation and the environment. It is a policy document that describes how land should be used in the community and addresses issues such as:

  • Where new housing, industry and employment areas, shopping areas, parks, schools, conservation, and other land uses are to be located
  • What services will be needed, such as water supply, sanitary sewers, stormwater management, roadways and transit
  • Where and how parts of the community are to grow

The Official Plan also implements broader planning policy direction prescribed by provincial (ie. 2014 Provincial Policy Statement, 2017 Growth Plan, 2017 Greenbelt Plan) and county (ie. County of Dufferin Official Plan) planning documents within Ontario's policy-driven planning system.

The Town of Orangeville Official Plan was first adopted and approved in October, 1985, but has been amended and updated many times since then. The Town's Office Consolidation of the Official Plan, together with its schedules, are available below and can be downloaded and printed for use. The posting of these documents is intended for convenience purposes only. All information should be verified as being the most current by contacting the Planning Division.

Official Plan

Planning Information Portal:  Interactive map information for the Town of Orangeville Official Plan

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