Official Plan and Schedules Zoning Bylaw 22-90 and Schedules

The Town of Orangeville Official Plan and the Zoning Bylaw charts the course for future land use decision-making within the municipality. The plan is used to guide many development and infrastructure decisions on issues such as land use, built form, transportation and the environment.

The Town's Office Consolidation of the Official Plan together with its schedules is available online. The Official Plan was first adopted and approved in October 1985 but has been amended and updated many times since then. The Official Plan sets out, in general terms, the pattern by which the Town will grow over a 20-year horizon. The document sets out planning policies to guide the physical, social and economic development of the Town.

Click on the link to access a copy of the Town's Office Consolidation of the Zoning Bylaw, 22-90 as amended , together with its schedules. The Zoning Bylaw was enacted by Council in March 1990 but has been amended and updated many times since then. The Zoning Bylaw establishes detailed regulations and permissions associated with the development and use of lands within the Town. It introduces a hierarchy of land use categories that control the development and disposition of lands.

The documents can be downloaded and printed for use.  The posting of these documents is meant for convenience purposes only.  All information should be verified as being the most current by contacting the Planning Department.