Heritage Planning

Cultural heritage resources are the roots of the community and include built heritage resources, cultural heritage landscapes and archaeological resources. Cultural heritage resources paint the history of the Town, provide a sense of identity and character while instilling civic pride and contributing to economic prosperity. A variety of municipal and provincial policies and programs are used to protect heritage resources in the Town.

Heritage Orangeville

The role of Heritage Orangeville is to advise Council and public of the value of heritage resources, to encourage awareness, appreciation, involvement and participation in heritage conservation activities. This Committee works with Council, staff, developers and residents to ensure that future development respects the heritage attributes of the Town. The Committee provides heritage expertise and knowledge for a variety of projects, developments and studies.

Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties

The Municipal Heritage Register is the official list of properties that have been identified as being culturally or historically important to the community. The Town is required to create and maintain the Municipal Heritage Register in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA).

The Heritage Register includes the following types of heritage properties:

  • Properties believed to be of cultural heritage value or interest, also known as "listed" or "non-designated" properties
  • Individually-designated properties which fall under Part IV of the OHA
  • Properties designated within Heritage Conservation Districts which fall under Part V of the OHA

Downtown Heritage Conservation District

Orangeville Town Council enacted a by-law in 2002 designating a portion of the Orangeville Central Business District as a Heritage Conservation District. This designation plays an important role in protecting the downtown's diverse and rich heritage of 19th century buildings.

Proposed Merchants and Prince of Wales Heritage Conservation Area
(not in effect)

In December of 2015, the Town of Orangeville initiated the study of two areas as potential Heritage Conservation Districts. These areas had been identified by Orangeville town Council as potential HCD study areas in 2003. The Study Areas encompass a largely historic residential area adjacent to the Downtown Heritage Conservation District and include west Broadway, Zina Street, York Street and Bythia Street, as well as First Street and First Avenue.

Heritage Permit Approvals

A heritage permit is required to undertake changes to properties designate under the Ontario Heritage Act. These include individually-designated properties and properties within a heritage conservation district. Properties that are listed (non designated) in the Heritage Register do not require a heritage permit.