Downtown Orangeville Parking Study

The Town of Orangeville has initiated a study to better understand the current situation of parking in Downtown Orangeville.

About the Project

The Downtown Orangeville Parking Study is looking at how and when the parking facilities are used to analyze demand and other opportunities for improvement to better meet the needs of residents and visitors to Downtown Orangeville.

As part of the study, surveys will be conducted to count how many people are parking downtown, at what time they are parking, and how long they are staying. These survey will be taking place from May to August 2016. Community input will also be collected (see “Share Your Input” below) from residents and visitors to Downtown Orangeville to better understand people’s experiences getting to downtown and parking there. Community input will be collected during August and September of 2016.

The completed study will provide long-term direction to address parking needs of downtown Orangeville and provide prioritized recommendations regarding any additional parking required. The results of the study will be used to secure additional parking as determined by the recommendations following the review.


For more information about this study, to provide comments, please contact one of the study project managers:

Town of Orangeville

Nancy Tuckett

Director of Economic Development, Planning & Innovation

519-941-0440 Ext. 2249

[email protected]

Consulting Team

Gene Chartier

Project Manager

Paradigm Transportation Solutions

416-479-9684 Ext. 501

[email protected]