Facade Improvement Program

The Downtown Heritage District Facade Assistance Program Grant encourages business owners to maintain, restore and construct building facades in Orangeville`s Central Business District.

The Downtown Heritage District Facade Assistance Program Grant was developed to improve the facades in the downtown core, to aid in revitalizing and enhancing Orangeville's historical businesses and buildings. The resulting improvements create a pleasurable experience for both residents and visitors to Orangeville alike.

Project selection criteria applies to all non-residential and mixed-use buildings located within the area shown on the Central Business District map. Eligible facades are those which are adjacent to or easily visible from the public street or area. The Facade Improvement Guidelines outline the information required to fill out the Facade Improvement Grant application. The maximum amount of the grant is 50% of the cost of facade improvements up to a maximum of $10,000 per property.

Further information about facades and the improvements that can be found in the brochure Take a good look - maintaining, restoring, and constructing building facades in Orangeville's central business district.

Following are some good examples of facades that have been updated through this program. Facades of businesses and buildings along Broadway have seen significant change through restoration. H&R Block's facade at 181 Broadway, the facade of Route 145 (formerly Core) and the facades at 94 Broadway, 96-98 Broadway and 162A Broadway have benefitted from upgrades. Pictured below is the facade, before and after, of Henning Salon.


facade photo before


facade photo after