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Sensitive Receptor Registry

Residents in the Town of Orangeville can apply to be an "Individual Sensitive Receptor" under Section 9.1 By-law 110-2016. When an application is submitted (and approved) to be a Sensitive Receptor, no burn permits can be issued to any property within 45 meters of the applicants home, and all permits that were issued within the 45 meters will be revoked. The applicant's identity is always confidential. Only one application per household is required, and it should be renewed on an annual basis every January.

A "Standing Sensitive Receptor" under Section 3.11 of By-law 110-2016, shall include a healthcare facility, a senior citizen's residence, long-term care facility, or other place where smoke may have a greater risk to health or the environment. 

You may print and fill out the Sensitive Receptor application, or submit the online form:

Sensitive Receptor Registry - Online Form

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