The front of the Alder Street Recreation Centre building, Banner

Advertising Opportunities

The Town of Orangeville offers numerous advertising opportunities in its two community centres: Alder Recreation Centre and Tony Rose Memorial Sports Centre.

Arena Advertising Program

Our recreation centres are home to multiple sports teams and community groups that attract many local and visiting spectators and participants. Revenue generated through arena advertising is of great benefit to our community as all revenue from the arena signs goes towards support and ongoing maintenance of these two facilities.

Rinkboard or Wall Sign


Alder Red or Tony Rose A

$ 950 per year

Rinkboard, Wall Sign or Banner


Alder Green or Tony Rose B

$ 850 per year

Dressing Room Door Sponsor


Alder or Tony Rose

$ 500 per year

Four Spaces


Buy 3, Get 1 Free!


In-Ice Logos


Alder Red or Tony Rose A

$ 950 per ice season

Ice Resurfacer


Alder or Tony Rose

$ 2,600 per year

All spaces are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. A deposit of $200 will be requested for premium advertising locations. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to supply the Town with the completed sign(s). All sign designs are subject to approval from the Town prior to production. 

For more information or to reserve advertising space, please contact Andrea Shaw, Administrative Assistant, Community Services at 519-940-9092 Ext. 4109 or email [email protected]

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our sponsored public swims and skates offer your business a cost-effective alternative to advertising and the opportunity to give back to your community.

Benefits to the Sponsor:

  • Advertised on the Town website and Social Media pages
  • Print ad in the Town Pages of the local newspaper
  • Advertised on the recreation centre digital sign
  • Company recognition signage the day of the event
Sponsored Public Swims  

1 hour, one pool

$ 119.26

1 hour, lap and leisure pool plus the waterslide

$ 298.15


Sponsored Public Skates  

1 hour skate

$ 258.37

For more information or to reserve your sponsored swim or skate, please email [email protected]