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Criteria for posting community events on Town of Orangeville website calendar

The Town of Orangeville recognizes special events as an important part of Orangeville’s quality of life. The Town also recognizes that events enhance tourism, culture, recreation, education and provide an economic benefit to businesses in Orangeville. Therefore, we want to encourage and welcome the public to submit community events to our listings. You may submit event information for inclusion on our online calendar if the event is open to the general public, if it occurs within the boundaries of the Town of Orangeville* and meets one of more of the Town’s event criteria for posting on the corporate website:

  • Organized or funded by a Town of Orangeville affiliated group
  • Organized by a charitable group or organization with a registered charitable number and operated within the Town of Orangeville
  • Organized by a local service club or sports organization operating within the Town of Orangeville performing work that assists or aids residents
  • Sponsored or funded full or in part by the Town of Orangeville
  • Located in a facility owned or leased by the Town of Orangeville
  • Training programs for Town of Orangeville residents (with no cost) 
  • Any arts and culture events, concerts and presentations that are not-for-profit and engage residents. 

Provide a brief description of the event, including the location and any restrictions such as age limits, etc.

Please note that the Town has the right to refuse any posting. Posts will not be published to the Town of Orangeville’s calendar if they contain one or more of the following: 

  • Private Events
  • Are commercial or promotional in nature (unless proceeds are being donated to a non-profit organization with a registered charitable number and operating within the Town of Orangeville)
  • Events that conflict with any Town of Orangeville policy
  • Events that are political, illegal or are immoral in nature in any way
  • Free information workshops to solicit clients 
  • Events that conflict with any municipal, provincial or federal legislation or municipal programs

Priority may be given to events operated by not-for-profit groups and agencies. Any admission costs must be clearly noted with submission of event information. Please note the Town will attempt to approve or deny postings within 48-72 hours so check back after that time to see if your event has been posted. Event organizers are responsible for monitoring that their submission has been posted and conducting required follow-up. The Town will not follow-up with any organization with regard to their event posting, therefore it is important the event posting has the most amount of detail as possible. 

To be considered for publication an event submission must be made with a name and contact information of an individual from the event organizing committee. Anonymous postings will not be published. For more information, clarification, changes to events or cancellations of events, please contact the calendar editor at [email protected]

* Within the Town of Orangeville, some exceptions will apply, for example, an Orangeville charity hosting an event at the Agricultural Centre would be considered applicable for the calendar, despite the event location occurring outside of the municipal boundaries of the Town. Please use discretion when posting.