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Water Management

The Town's water works system consists of the supply wells, storage reservoirs, watermains and services, and fire hydrants.

The Town's water is supplied from 12 wells in 9 well fields. The wells are generally located on the west side of Town and vary in depth between 17 metres and 61 metres.  The total supply capacity from the wells is approximately 15,300 m3/day.  The average and maximum day demands in 2009 were approximately 8,400 m3/day and 11,100 m3/day, respectively.

Water Pollution Control Plant Expansion

The Town has completed a Schedule ‘C' Class Environmental Assessment to expand the Water Pollution Control Plant to accommodate future development. The required public review period is complete and the Class EA now has Environmental Assessment Act Approval.

The detailed design is nearing completion and it is expected that construction of the plant expansion will commence in the second half of 2014.

Stormwater Management Ponds

Stormwater Management Ponds are built as a part of new development to minimize the impact of run-off on the natural environment.  Run-off that is collected by catchbasins and storm sewers empties into stormwater management ponds where it is stored temporarily before being released into an adjacent water course at a controlled rate.  This reduces flooding and erosion in the water course, and captures much of the sediment that is washed off roads.

The silt that accumulates in the stormwater management ponds is removed on an as-required basis.  All of the ponds have a vegetative cover, that is maintained based on the type of vegetation, the pond's location, and the annual budget allocation.  For example, the grass around the perimeter of a pond may be cut more frequently in one pond than in another.

Lawn Watering

The Town of Orangeville has adopted a Lawn Watering Bylaw. The purpose of the bylaw is to provide property owners with ample "windows" in which to water lawns and gardens, while helping to preserve the Town's water supply and minimize peak demands.

Toilet Rebate

Thinking of replacing a toilet?

This is an offer you can't pass up!  The Town of Orangeville will send you a $60 rebate towards the cost of a WaterSense® certified toilet which replaces an existing toilet with a flush volume of 6 litres or larger.  The application can be viewed online. For more information, please contact 519-941-0440 Ext. 2269.