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Sanitary Sewage

The Town's sanitary sewage, or wastewater, collection system consists of approximately 175 km of sanitary sewers which empty into the Town's Water Pollution Control Plant.

The sewers are located in the road right-of-way, with service connections running to the residences or businesses.  Generally, all residences or businesses are connected to the collection system.  The bylaw that regulates the discharge of sewage into the sanitary sewer system is the Sewer Use Bylaw (Bylaw No. 75-96).

Blocked Service

If the sewer service to a residence or business is blocked, the owner or tenant can call 519-941-0440 Ext. 4500 during normal business hours.  For after-hour emergencies, the owner or tenant must call 519-941-2671.  Public Works Staff will respond, assess the problem, and attempt to clear the blockage.

The homeowner or tenant will be charged for the costs incurred by the Town if the blockage is on private property.  Addresses with a history of sewer blockages on private property will be required to call a plumber.

Sewer Rates

The Town recovers the full cost of providing wastewater services, collection and treatment through the wastewater rates.  The rates are set by by-law.  The rate for 2014 is $1.99 per cubic metre plus the base monthly charge, depending on meter size; $7.05 for a 5/8" or a 3/4" meter.