Explore the Town of Orangeville by following one of our walking tours. Self-guided routes feature our community's art and culture. Marvel at unique pieces showcased in our public art collection or uncover the history of our buildings and landmarks.

Tree sculptures in Orangeville

Discover public art

Orangeville’s growing collection of public art naturally complements its intensely creative community of artists. The popular tree sculpture program includes over 40 pieces, each with it's own character, and charm. Functional utility boxes have been transformed into colourful displays of original works created by local artists. On a larger-scale, you can’t miss sculptures, murals, and monuments that add to the magnitude of the Town’s creative sector. Over 70 unique pieces are waiting to be discovered. Use the interactive online map or download the Driftscape app to discover the location and story behind each one.  You can also follow our Top Ten Public Art Tour to find our top picks.

Interactive Online Map

Public art scavenger hunts

Self-guided scavenger hunts are also available to direct your search for public art. Two different walking routes lead you through Orangeville on a quest to solve clues about each piece. 

Review each route below to find the details you need to start your pursuit of public art in Orangeville.

Pursuit of Public Art: Route 1

Length: Three kilometres, approximately one hour

Directions: Start/end in downtown Orangeville, near Mill Creek Gardens. The route takes you west through Kay Cee Gardens and then along Broadway, Orangeville's main street. The final stretch includes a stroll along historic Zina Street.

Difficulty: Easy, the entire route travels along sidewalks and paved trails

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Pursuit of Public Art: Route 2

Length: Two kilometres, approximately 45 minutes

Directions: Start/end in downtown Orangeville, near Town Hall. The route takes you east along Broadway, Orangeville's main street and then to Rotary Park before heading back downtown.

Difficulty: Easy, the entire route travels along sidewalks

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Downtown scavenger hunt

Discover the details that make downtown Orangeville a vibrant and unique destination. Solve 16 clues about public art, local businesses, and historical elements during this 30-minute stroll along Broadway, Orangeville's main street. 

Scavenger hunt details

Route: Your quest starts near Orangeville's historic Town Hall. Follow the instructions in the clues to wind your way west along Broadway, Orangeville’s main street, to just past First Street. Cross to the south side of Broadway and make your way back. The route is less than one kilometre in length. All clues can be found in the order listed. Find the entire route here and download a printable version here.


Things to know:

  • The route is all outdoors so make sure to dress for the weather.
  • You will not need to enter any businesses to find any of the answers so it can be done safely at any time.
  • The entire route travels along sidewalks, making it an easy stroll for all participants.

Historic walking tours

Historic court house

Step back in time and take one of three historical walking tours through the Town of Orangeville. Footsteps from our Past outlines Orangeville's history and offers maps and detailed descriptions of the buildings and landmarks that contributed to it.  You can pick up a hard copy of Footsteps of Our Past at the Visitor Information Centre or use our online map to discover each route. For a more interactive experience, download the Driftscape app and let it guide lead you through Orangeville on a self-guided journey.

Footsteps from our Past Guide

Booming Broadway tour

The Booming Broadway tour is a 2.2 kilometre walking tour highlighting the businesses that helped the Town of Orangeville grow. Some featured landmarks along the route include:

  • Orangeville Town Hall and Market
  • Graham's Tavern
  • Commercial Hotel
  • Southside of Broadway
  • Bank of Commerce
  • Library
  • Jackson Block
  • Monument Works
  • Post Office
  • Fire Hall
  • Lewis House
  • Castle Leslie
  • Westminster United Church
  • Aiken House
  • Orangeville Business College
  • Fred Webb
  • Ketchum Block
  • Bank of Hamilton
  • Still Block
  • McKim Block

Founders tour

The Founders tour is a 2.5 kilometre walking tour that celebrates the founders of the Town of Orangeville. Some featured landmarks along the route include:

  • Canadian Pacific Railway Station
  • Armstrong Foundry
  • Andrew Mara House
  • Methodist Episcopal Church
  • King House
  • McKitrick House
  • Dod's Knitting House
  • Jull Mill Site
  • Orange Jull House
  • Lawrence Cottage
  • Thomas Jull House
  • Lawrence House
  • McBride House
  • Primitive Methodist Capital
  • Rowan House
  • McKeown House
  • Campbell House

Prosperous years tour

The Prosperous years tour is a 2 kilometre walking tour that focuses on Zina Street and the success of local merchants and business people. Some featured landmarks along the route include:

  • Row Houses
  • Ernest C. Daniels
  • Joseph Riddell
  • Donald McDonald House
  • Thomas and Margaret Williamson
  • Dufferin County Court House
  • The Land Registry Office
  • James McIntire Hogg
  • Robert Mann
  • William Parsons
  • John Bookless
  • Jeremiah Dodds
  • Primitive Methodist Church
  • The John Green House
  • The Green Cottage