Graphic reading Top Ten Public Art Tour in black and white letters.

Orangeville has an impressive collection of public art with over 70 pieces on display at locations throughout the town. Taking on the task of finding each piece is certainly a worthy endeavour, but we wouldn’t want you to miss out on some of our favourites if your time runs short. To help narrow your search, we’ve created a tour of the top ten public art pieces in Orangeville. All of the artwork was selected by art-loving community members who believe that these stops should top your list of must-see attractions during a visit to Orangeville. 

The one-hour tour allows you to explore the diverse range of public artwork. You’ll see the intricate details of tree sculptures complemented by brightly coloured utility boxes and stately statues. 

The tour is easily followed using Driftscape, a free, interactive mobile app. Simply download the app and search tours to get started. Driving is the easiest way to get around to most stops, but you will park and then walk short distances to see some of the artwork. You'll be guided step-by-step to each location, including parking recommendations and driving directions.

To follow the tour, download Driftscape for free from the App Store or Google Play. You can also plan your route out in advance using Driftscape’s web-based app