If you own a non-residential building in Orangeville's Central Business District, you may qualify for the façade improvement grant. This grant encourages business or property owners to maintain and restore their buildings in order to keep the historic feel of the district.

Apply for the grant

To apply for the grant, please complete the Façade Improvement Grant Application and submit it by email or drop it off to Town Hall:

87 Broadway
Orangeville, ON
L9W 1K1

Application details

Please include the following details with your application:

  • address of the property
  • name and contact details of the property owner
  • name and contact details of the applicant (if different from the property owner)
  • description of the façade improvement work
  • estimated budget from at least two contractors for the proposed work
  • date and signature

How much is the grant?

If your application is successful, you may receive up to 50% of the cost of the façade improvement. There is a maximum grant amount of $10,000 per site. The project must cost at least $2,000 to qualify.

Map and eligibility guidelines

All non-residential and mixed-use buildings located in the Central Business District may qualify for the façade improvement grant. View our map to see if your property qualifies.

Review the Façade Improvement Guidelines for full eligibility and improvement details. Examples of improvements include:

  • masonry cleaning
  • restoration and stabilization
  • installation of storefront awnings
  • historically accurate windows
  • replacement of backlit signs with historically accurate illuminated signs
  • painting of woodwork
  • renovation of storefronts

Grants will not be available for:

  • landscaping
  • building insulation
  • modern-style elements (eavestroughs, doors and windows)
  • signage
  • interior work

More information about the Façade Improvement Program can be found in our Take a Good Look Brochure.