Request for Tender TO-2020-02 HVAC Services

Request for Tender TO-2020-02 HVAC Services
Issued: July 24, 2020

Full tender document package is available on www.biddingo.com/orangeville



This Tender is issued for the purpose of obtaining bids from qualified Proponents capable of supplying all labour, materials and equipment necessary to provide HVAC preventative maintenance, inspection and related repair services (the “Services”) at our facilities as required according to the Scope of Services.



Issued By

Town of Orangeville

Issue Date

July 24, 2020

Site Meeting


Submission Deadline

Tenders must be received by 2:00PM EDT on August 19, 2020

Town Contact Person

Supervisor Facilities [email protected]

Questions and Clarifications


All inquiries with respect to this RFT shall be made by email to the Town Contact Person. Emails should indicate the RFT number in the subject line of the email. The Town will only respond to inquiries received up to 2:00 PM on August 11, 2020.

Tender Delivery Location

Tenders are to be received electronically only and uploaded at the following address: www.biddingo.com

Bidding Details for Bid Submissions:

To access the bid form and start your submission, click the Bid Documents / Online Submission. For technical support, please contact Biddingo.com directly at 1-416-756-0955 or via email at [email protected].

A training video regarding online file submission is available at:
https://youtu.be/N0-PV5aYIB8 . Each bidder is responsible for ensuring its bid is submitted prior to the tender closing date and time. Bidders should allow sufficient time in the preparation of its bid submission to ensure it has been uploaded and completed on time.

Note, the requirement to submit electronically supersedes item 5 Tender Content and Format, 5.2 Packaging the Bid

Successful Bidder Notified

September 2020

Contract Term

Three (3) years plus up to two one year extensions


Submission Form

A person authorized to sign on behalf of the Bidder must complete and sign the Bidder’s Section (below) and include this signed page in their Financial Tender Form.

Opening of Tenders

Tenders will be opened privately at the Municipal Office at 87 Broadway, Orangeville, ON, on August 19, 2020 at, or shortly after, 2:00 PM. No Public Opening will be held.

Closing Date: August 19, 2020