2020-02-04 Sustainable Orangeville Minutes

Jun 26, 2020 | Committee Minutes

Minutes of a meeting of Sustainable Orangeville
Held on February 4, 2020, at 7 p.m.

Members Present:
Councillor Grant Peters,  Jessica Marchildon,  Jeff Lemon,  Martina Rowley, 
Mark Whitcombe, Charles McCabe, Matthew Smith

Janice Quirt, Luke Decastro, Andrew Seagram, Tammy Woods

Staff Present:
Charles Cosgrove, Manager of Facilities & Parks
Andrea Shaw, Committee Secretary

Guests Present:
Rose Schmidt

1. Call to Order
The Chair called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

2. Disclosures of (Direct or Indirect) Pecuniary Interest
None stated.

3. Approval of Agenda
That the agenda for February 4, 2020 be hereby approved.
Moved by M Rowley
Recommendation Number 01

4. Adoption of Minutes of Previous Council Meeting
That the minutes of January 7, 2020 meeting are hereby approved.
Moved by M. Whitcombe
Recommendation Number 02

5. Delegation 
5.1 Rose Schmidt - Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance
Rose Schmidt was introduced by Chair Peters. Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance is under the Headwaters Communities in Action organization umbrella. Ms. Schmidt gave an overview of the HFFA programs such as healthy lunches in the schools, Family Food Classes, Farmer to School for grades K-6, Drawdown events, Winter Harvest Dinner Series. Ms. Rowley discussed the potential for collaboration with the Urban Harvest Program and the committee members will assist with promotion and spreading awareness of their events.

6 Reports and Items for Discussion
6.1 Transit Task Force
Martina compiled the summary points and sent a formal letter to transit task force from Sustainable Orangeville. The letter was read to the committee members and it will be distributed to the members via the Committee
Administrator. Overall, the main statement is that the committee opposes the Centre Street location for a transit hub. Alternatively, if the Centre Street location is selected then specific requirement must be met, such as; moving
the entire community garden, trees, new site specifications, soil and funding for the move. February 12, 2020 is the next Transit Task Force Committee meeting and Sustainable Orangeville members are welcome to attend.

6.2 Communities in Bloom
Marketing Campaign to get volunteers on board is scheduled. Open House event is scheduled for next Thursday, February 13, 2020 to meet and greet and discuss the program. Deadline to register for CIB is March 16, 2020.

That Sustainable Orangeville register for the Communities in Bloom Circle of Excellence, Evaluated category for the 2020 year.
Moved by Matthew Smith
Recommendation Number 03

6.3 Bee City
The Town of Orangeville was successful in being accepted as the 37th Bee City in Canada. Report to Council announcing the designation on March 9th and requesting the Bee City Resolution to be signed. The resolution
announces the Towns support to increase pollinator gardens within our community.

6.4 Earth Week / Tree Planting Event
Saturday, April 25, 2020 starting at 9:30 a.m. will be the Earth Week Tree Planting event. Mr. Whitcombe has offered to lead another hike along the trails and a pollination planting workshop. Display will again be at Alder
Recreation Centre and book/dvd exchange at Edelbrock. Mr. Booth has offered to create bee city display. Library Reading and book donation with Councillor Peters. Adding a Repair Café / Bike Workshop for minor repairs
that Jeff Lemon has offered to host.

Suggested Events:

  • Wednesday, April 22 – Repair Café 
  • Book / DVD exchange
  • Commuter Challenge through app. Sign up to club through app and most kilometers wins a prize.
  • Rose Schmidt might be able to add gardening event.
  • Get Earth Week events on local magazine such as In the Hills.

Urban Harvest Marketing Opportunities
Rogers TV filming and Martina on the panel. Request showing during Earth week. Communications is going to put an Urban Harvest article in In the Hills magazine for Spring/Summer edition.

The sub-committee is moving forward on planning the 2020 Waste Workshop.

Active Transportation
ParticipAction has micro-grants of $1,000 but will need to be under the Town umbrella. The Cycle Orangeville brand which falls under the Recreation Division may be able to seek funding. Staff will explore this grant option and
report back to the committee.

7 New Business
7.1 World Green Building Council Air Quality Sensors
Package submitted to Committee members. Plan and sensor program. Mostly focused on indoor air quality opposed to outdoor quality. Cost is on participant. Information Item for the committee. Outdoor air quality
comparison discussion and possibility. Cost can be up to $5,000 for an outdoor air quality sensor.

7.2 Pollinator Garden Partnership Request
Cushman Wakefield Sustainability Team approached Councillor Grant Peters regarding changing the storm water pond by the Movie Theatre into a designated pollinator garden. They are seeking partnerships with Sustainable
Orangeville. Details missing on funds and volunteer assistance. CVC also has greening of lands program. Suggest inviting them to a SO meeting to discuss the option further.

7.3 Styrofoam Ban
The committee discussed the pros and cons of a Styrofoam ban and plastic bag ban within Orangeville and the implications this would have on local industry and restaurants. Waste reduction workshops are being planned and
the committee discussed the consumers responsibility and accountability.

7.4 Allocate Environment Reserve Funds
Treasurer already creating a reserve guide document. Considering organizations can apply for sustainable projects reserve funds. Reserve fund policy still to come.

7.5 Committee Promotion Opportunities
The committee received a reusable straw sample with price quote. The committee contemplated the idea of a reusable produce bag as a marketing tool. The Committee Administrator also received information on the Home
and Garden Show non-profit table options. The committee did not feel this would be a valuable promotion tool and would add Sustainable Orangeville program information at the Town table.

8 Other
8.1 Approval of Expenses

That the Sustainable Orangeville Committee will spend $150.00 of committee funds towards marketing for Communities in Bloom volunteers as a social media boosted advertisement.
Moved by C. McCabe
Recommendation Number 04

9 Date of Next Meeting
The next committee meeting will be on March 3, 2020 at 7 p.m.
Earth Week Tree Planting event is scheduled for Saturday, April 25, 2020.

10 Adjournment
Adjourned at 9:18 p.m.