2020-06-23 Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee Agenda

Jun 23, 2020 | Committee Agendas
Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee Agenda
Town of Orangeville
Electronic Participation – Chair and Secretary participating remotely
Tuesday, June 23, 2020 – 9:00 a.m.
1.  Notice
Due to efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, the Board Room, 200 Lakeview Court will not be open to the public to attend Cultural Plan Task Force meetings until further notice.
Written comments may be sent to the Secretary of the Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee by mail at 87 Broadway, Orangeville L9W 1K1 or by email at [email protected] prior to the above-noted meeting date. Such written comments will become part of the public record.
Members of the public may access the meeting on the above-noted date and time by telephone at:
+1 (289)-801-5774
Conference ID: 941 540 616#
Your full name and comments will be part of the public record and will be included in the minutes of the meeting.
2.  Call to Order
3. Disclosures of (Direct or Indirect) Pecuniary Interest
4.  Agenda
Approval of Agenda for June 23, 2020
5.  Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting
That the minutes of the following meeting are approved:
December 3, 2019
6.  Activity Report
Economic Development and Culture Activity Report January – May 2020
7.  Delegations and Presentation
Ms. Ruth Phillips, Manager, Economic Development and Culture will provide an update on the division’s activities and plans related to the Covid-19 pandemic.
8.  Terms of Reference
Review of draft revised Terms of Reference for committee consideration and discussion.
9.  Open Discussion
Councillor Andrews will facilitate an open discussion by members with respect to new, emerging or existing topics relevant to the Town’s economic development.
10. Other Business
11. Next Meeting
      September 22, 2020
12. Adjournment
5. Minutes
Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee Minutes
Tuesday, December 3, 2019
7:30 a.m.
Upper Level, 200 Lakeview Court
In Attendance
Councillor Joe Andrews, Chair
Mr. Pete Renshaw, Vice Chair
Mr. Buddy Pitt, Greater Dufferin Home Builders’ Association Representative
Ms. Linda Horne, Orangeville Real Estate Board Representative
Ms. Diana Morris, Dufferin Board of Trade Representative
Mr. Bruce Walkinshaw
Ms. Wendy Edwards, Business Community Representative (regrets)
Ms. Shokheen Singh, Orangeville BIA Representative
Ms. Ruth Phillips, Staff Liaison, Economic Development & Culture
Ms. Betty Ann Lusk, Economic Development & Culture
Mr. Rob Koekkoek, Orangeville Hydro
1. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:31 a.m. by Councillor Joe Andrews.
2. Disclosures of (Direct and Indirect) Pecuniary Interest
None was stated by committee members.
3. Agenda
The agenda was presented.
Moved by: Mr. Pete Renshaw
That the agenda for December 3, 2019 meeting be approved as presented.
4. Minutes
The minutes of the September 24, 2019 meeting were presented.
Moved by: Mr. Bruce Walkinshaw
That the minutes of the September 24, 2019 meeting be approved as presented.
5. Activity Report
Ms. Ruth Phillips provided an overview of the major initiatives that the Economic Development office had worked on from January to October 2019. The bi-annual activity report was provided to members with their agenda packages.
She said that the Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP) had been adopted by Council in June and that the plan established direction, goals and actions to be implement across all areas of the organization. She advised that the SNAP was available on the Town’s website and that paper copies could be provided upon request.
Ms. Phillips briefly identified the major events delivered by the office in 2019 and their significance to the implementation of the 2018 Economic Development Strategy. She said that the office compiles an annual Economic Development Review each year and that the 2019 report would be released in late Spring/early Summer 2020.
6. Delegation and Presentations
6.1 Highlights of the Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) Initiative – Ms. Ruth Phillips
Ms. Phillips reminded members that the BR&E initiative was one of the recommendations in the 2018 Economic Development Strategy with the goal of supporting the Professional Services (PST) sector and that Dufferin County and the Town of Shelburne also completed PST projects. She provided a presentation of the overall findings and possible actions required to address trends, issues and suggestions. She said that in the Town of Orangeville, 36 comprehensive surveys were completed from an inventory of 61 eligible PST sector businesses, resulting in a confidence rating of more than 90%.
Ms. Phillips highlighted key information derived from the surveys that will help guide future delivery of services to support businesses in Orangeville and area. She indicated that increased promotion of Economic Development/SBEC services and existing online learning opportunities such as Lynda.com would be implemented along with increased promotion of the community as a business location for creative sector/professional service businesses. The areas of leadership, social media marketing, succession and business planning will also be areas of focus for workshop and event delivery. Website resources for succession and business planning will be improved. Increased training for workforce recruitment will also be implemented with particular focus on social media recruitment strategies. The periodic job fairs held by the office were seen as best practice and this service will continue. Ms. Phillips also indicated that there was moderate interest in sector-specific networking opportunities and that the office would collaborate with DBOT for delivery.
Ms. Phillips invited members to review the BR&E summaries that she would send out after the meeting and asked that comments and suggestions be returned to her by December 13. She advised that a report highlighting the significant findings of the survey along with an action plan to deliver services to the professional sector would be presented to Council in the new year (Note: Copies of the BR&E summaries were sent to BEDAC members on December 5th).
7. Open Discussion
Councillor Andrews advised that a portion of all future BEDAC meetings would be reserved for an open discussion by members on any issues that they wished to bring forward. Councillor Andrews then turned the floor over to Mr. Renshaw.
Mr. Renshaw stated that the Terms of Reference for the BEDAC committee stated that the committee would meet quarterly, and that there had been an expression of interest in meeting more frequently. He said that only Council could approve changes to the Terms of Reference. However, Mr. Renshaw advised that additional meetings could be held at the call of the Chair as required and that sub-committees could also be struck to work on specific topics/projects.
A general discussion ensued. A suggestion was made for site plan applications to be reviewed by the BEDAC and that comments from the committee be forwarded to Council for consideration. Ms. Phillips advised the committee of the process currently in place for the review of site plan applications and advised that public meetings are sometimes held to gain input from the community. She advised that it may be challenging to duplicate this process with additional Planning presentations due to limited resources within the Planning division. Ms. Phillips indicated that frequently, site selectors and owners of larger scale businesses interested in locating to Orangeville demanded a high level of confidentiality as they completed their due diligence with staff.
A suggestion was also made that key performance indicators for departments, Council and the overall community be developed to provide a score card against internal, neighbouring, and provincial trends/growth.
Councillor Andrews suggested that members present a list of potential projects from the Economic Development Strategy and the BR&E report that they might be interested in working on in sub-committees.
Councillor Andrews advised that Mr. Renshaw, Ms. Phillips and himself would also review possible action items that could be addressed by sub-committees of the BEDAC. He said that BEDAC would be advised of ideas prior to the next scheduled meeting in March. (Note: Councillor Andrews sent related correspondence to BEDAC members on January 27, 2020).
8. Other Business
Ms. Morris said that the DBOT planned to launch a business hub upon approval by Town of Mono Council and that it would utilize space at 246372 Hockley Road and be a location for entrepreneurs to use for ongoing/temporary office space, meetings and office amenities. She advised that an advisory committee would be established to oversee the hub.
Councillor Andrews said that Humber had announced in September that it would be closing the campus in Orangeville in the Spring of 2021. He explained the reasons for this business decision as well as steps that would be taken to ensure successful student transitions.
Ms. Linda Horne spoke about current trends in the housing market around Orangeville. She also indicated a willingness to assist with projects of the BEDAC where needed. Ms. Phillips suggested that Ms. Horne’s assistance to staff in maintaining the property search function of the orangevillebusiness.ca website would be much appreciated.
Mr. Buddy Pitt provided an update on the Dufferin Home Builders’ Association activities. He commented that more time and effort planning events is required to maintain group interest, which seems to be the trend with most groups.
Next Meeting:
Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 7:30 a.m. (200 Lakeview Court, Upper Level)
Moved by: Mr Buddy Pitt
That the meeting adjourns.
Carried (Time: 9:15 a.m.)
Councillor Joe Andrews
Committee Chair
6. Activity Report
Economic Development & Culture Summary
January to May 2020
Client Interactions:
Inquiries 2,295                   Workshops/presentations 17
Consultations 265              Participants 406
The Winter/Spring workshop series included eight events covering topics such as emergency preparedness, doing business with government, small business taxes, and opening an online business. The ED/SBEC also hosted four mentor sessions and provided three special presentations to Westside Secondary School students, Westminster United Church Men’s Group, and the Dufferin Joint Economic Development meeting. In response to COVID-19, three online Ask an Expert panels were organized to discuss Financial and Operational Guidance for Small Business, Employment, and Re-opening Protocols.
Publications: Timing Average Distribution Average Open Rate
Business Connections Newsletter Quarterly* 1,500 recipients 27%
Arts & Culture Newsletter Monthly 1,000 recipients 42%
*March issue was not published due to COVID-19. June issue will be published.
New Businesses:
Name                                   Location                             Name                                          Location
Diamond House Dentistry   47A Broadway, Unit 3A      Orangeville Smiles Dentistry       33 Broadway
Priceless Fine Cars             59 Third Street                   BioPed Footcare Orangeville      88 First Street, Unit 5B
Servair Filters                      95 John Street                   Grabb-a-Pizza                              50 Rolling Hills Drive
Halibut House                      98 First Street
Major Initiatives:
Results and actions from the Business Retention + Expansion Program with the Professional, Scientific and Technical (PST) sector were published in January. Results showed that Orangeville’s PST sector is well-established in the community, with 86% of businesses locally owned and operated. An overwhelming majority – 98% – rated their impression of the community as a place to do business as good to excellent. The most significant challenge identified by PST businesses was the availability of skilled workers, followed by the ability to attract new employees.
The new Orangeville Visitor Guide was published in January. While distributed quantities may be lower due to COVID-19, new content and photography are being utilized on social media. As part of this project, new downtown banners were installed in April.
The Digital Main Street (DMS) program concluded in March and helped downtown small business owners improve their online capabilities with training and opportunities to compete for business grants. The DMS Co-ordinator supported twenty-five downtown businesses in earning grants, including 16 businesses in downtown Orangeville. This resulted in total DMS funding for downtown Orangeville businesses of $40,000. Online training resources offered by DMS are still available for all businesses to access.
The 2020 Call for Artists was launched in March, providing an opportunity for local artists to submit original work to be displayed as public art. The call includes up to five utility boxes
and eight mural installations at Alder Recreation Centre’s walking track. Thirty submissions were received by 12 local artists and will be reviewed by the Cultural Plan Task Force in June.
Four Summer Company applications have been approved for 2020 grants of up to $3,000 each. Two businesses are located in Orangeville (Upcycle by Design and Revolt Computer Solutions); one in Grand Valley (Roy’s Sheep and Chickens); one in Caledon (Dunk Disposal). To qualify for the program this year, each applicant had to demonstrate that the business was either an essential service and/or that it could operate online with no personal customer contact required.
Since January 2020, the Starter Company Plus program has had forty active participants. The grant review committee met in April and approved four grants: North Country Mechanical (HVAC Service), Weaverbee (Artisan), Primal and Lavish (Skin Care manufacturer), and Essential Training (Equestrian services). Seven training sessions, two mentor sessions, one-to-one consultations and mentorship opportunities were available to the program participants.
In April, FindYourJob.ca was launched in partnership with Dufferin County, the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin, and neighbouring municipalities. The free online job portal compiles and publishes postings from federal, provincial and local job boards. Job seekers and employers can review job postings by location and can explore skills, education and the median salary for local postings. Census information is also available for individuals seeking more information when potentially looking to relocate.
In May, the development of a five-year Tourism Strategy & Action Plan was initiated. Led by Toronto-based consulting firm Bannikin Travel & Tourism, the strategy will incorporate COVID-19 recovery measures and determine next steps for the community’s short- and long-term tourism initiatives. On July 7, the community is invited to attend a virtual information session to learn more about the project and provide input.
Response to COVID-19:
• Closed office on March 19, but continued to be offer services via phone, email and video.
• Promoted webinars and resources offered by credible organizations and fellow SBECs to support clients with a wide variety of relevant learning and planning tools.
• Published COVID-19 resources webpage specifically for businesses. Links and information about all relevant government measures and programs continue to be updated regularly.
• Launched Orangeville Business Resiliency Map on June 1 to provide local businesses with an easy way to share their operating status and preventative measures with the community.
8. Terms of Reference
Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee
Date Approved by Council: December 10, 2018
Sunset Date: N/A
The purpose of the Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee (BEDAC) is to:
• advise Council on the Economic Development and Culture plans and how to best achieve its economic goals
• advise and make recommendations to Council regarding policies, strategies and implementation plans to support and enhance the Town of Orangeville’s business and economic development, tourism and cultural programs.
• assist the administration of the Town of Orangeville to implement Town Council approved Business and Economic Development Plans.
1. To hear and consider representations by individuals, organizations or delegations of citizens with respect to economic development, tourism and culture and make recommendations as warranted.
2. To provide advice on matters associated with major Economic Development and Culture plans.
3. To provide advice and comment on decisions the Economic Development and Culture Division may take forward to Council.
4. To act as liaison to the public, business community and investors in support of the development and prosperity of the business community.
5. To remain fully informed and act as a strategic planning advisor on tourism projects, cultural initiatives and business undertakings in the community as well as proposed future projects which could support the retention and expansion of Orangeville’s business community.
6. To participate in relevant ad hoc sub-committees as established and deemed necessary for a specific purpose by the Committee or by Council.
Proposed revisions:
7. To support implementation of the Town’s Covid-19 external recovery plan and initiatives of the Economic Development and Culture Office by:
a. Providing information and education to community business members on resources and programs available through the Economic Development & Culture division to support and build business and tourism resiliency;
b. Through member interactions with key community contacts and sector networks, identifying pandemic related challenges faced by businesses and recommending new initiatives to achieve economic recovery, sustenance and rejuvenation for businesses and workers.
Proposed Recommendation:
That Council amend the BEDAC Terms of Reference effective June 2020 until end of Council Term 2022 in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic;
And that the revised BEDAC Terms of Reference, established to reflect efforts to assist the pandemic recovery efforts of the Economic Development and Culture office, be approved by Council.
Reporting to Council:
• circulation of monthly minutes
• presentations/delegations as necessary
Enabling Legislation, By-Law or Staff Report:
CPS-CL-2019-03, February 28, 2019
Committee Composition:
The Committee shall consist of eight (8) members composed of:
• 1 member of Council
• 1 representative of the business community (e.g. manufacturing, post-secondary education, professional services, or creative sectors)
• 2 members of the general public
• 1 representative appointed by each of the following groups:
o Dufferin Board of Trade
o Orangeville Business Improvement Area
o Orangeville and District Real Estate Board
o Orangeville and District Home Builders’ Association
Skills Requested
• Experience and knowledge of manufacturing, post-secondary education, professional services or creative sector
• Business experience and expertise
Administration Section
Department Linkage: Economic Development and Culture Division
Community Services Department
Staff Support:
Administrative Support: Administrative Assistant, Economic Development Division
Technical Expertise: Manager, Economic Development Division
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly or at the call of the Chair
Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee Meeting
Electronic Participation Protocol
(during Emergency declaration)
Meeting Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Note: The Procedure By-law shall continue to apply to Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee meetings that allow for electronic participation (also referred to as electronic meetings) during a declared emergency held pursuant to this Protocol.
• The method and technology used for electronic meetings shall be determined by the Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee Secretary, based on the resources available at the time and the prevailing circumstances and context for a meeting.
• The Chair (or designate) shall lead the meeting and may be present from a designated meeting location supported by the Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee Secretary (or designate), where possible.
• For any technology matters unforeseen and not clearly identified within these rules, the matter shall be decided by the Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee Secretary.
• The Chair will call the vote, and in doing so will ask for any objections to the motion being carried. If no objections are raised, then the motion is deemed to be carried.
• Chair to announce the decision to the Committee.
Member Conduct
• Each member participating in a meeting electronically shall be available at least twenty (20) minutes before the beginning of the scheduled meeting to assist staff in confirming establishment of the electronic connection and to troubleshoot any possible issues.
• Each member participating in a meeting electronically will mute their electronic device when not speaking and/or it will be muted by meeting support staff, depending on the technology used for the meeting.
• At the start of the meeting, the Chair shall conduct a roll call by voice (calling out each Member).
• In order to ensure that the meeting maintains quorum, a member participating electronically must advise verbally that they are leaving the meeting before ending their participation and/or if they re-enter the meeting, which will be noted in the minutes.
• The Chair will announce each agenda item on the floor of the meeting and shall maintain an orderly meeting process keeping members informed.
• For each item of the agenda being considered by the Committee, the following process will be followed:
   o The Chair will announce each item to be considered by the committee
   o The Chair will call upon the members to discuss the item. Each member is to announce their name prior to  making comments
   o The Chair will ask the committee members for a motion with respect to the subject agenda item
   o Upon the introduction of a motion, the Chair will canvass members participating electronically about their intention to speak to the matter on the floor
   o The Chair will notify each member when it is their turn to speak
   o A Member may voice a follow up question or comment only after all members have had an opportunity to speak to the matter on the floor
   o The Chair will then call for a vote on the motion and each member shall vote on the motion.
   o The Chair will announce the decision to the Committee.
• Member(s) participating electronically will be deemed to have left the meeting when they are no longer electronically connected to the meeting.
• In the case of a loss of connection, or any connection issue which impedes the ability of a Member(s) to participate in the meeting in real time, the meeting will continue as long as quorum is not lost, and staff will attempt to assist with reconnecting the Member.
Public Participation
Due to efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, the Board Room, 200 Lakeview Court will not be open to the public to attend Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee meetings until further notice.
• To facilitate public participation, the Chair will advise at the beginning of the meeting that:
   o the complete agenda package can be found on the town website, and
   o any member of the public wishing to speak regarding any matter on the agenda being considered by the Committee, will need to provide their full name which, along with their comments, will become a part of the public record and will be included in the minutes of the meeting
• If a member of the public wishes to speak, they may do so once called upon by the Chair.
• The Chair will identify the respective individuals who may provide the requested answers and/or provide comments.
Public Notice posted on the Town website and newspaper, prior to the meeting
Public Participation During Electronic
Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee Meetings
The upcoming electronic Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. and the agenda will be posted online at www.orangeville.ca by Thursday, June 18, 2020.
Due to efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, the Board Room, 200 Lakeview Court will not be open to the public to attend Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee meetings until further notice.
Written Comments
Prior to the meeting, written comments may be sent to the Committee Secretary of the Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee by email at [email protected] Such written comments will become part of the public record.
Public Participation
Members of the public may access the meeting on the above-noted date and time by telephone at:
(289) 801-5774
Conference ID: 941 540 616#
Please note that your full name and comments will be part of the public record and will be included in the minutes of the meeting.