2019-06-26 Library Board Minutes

Orangeville Public Library Board
Meeting Minutes
1 Mill Street (5:00 p.m.)
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Members Present:
Councillor Grant Peters (left at 6)    
Councillor Lisa Post    
Ms. Shelley Bergant     
Ms. Sheri Marks (Arrived at 5:25)    
Mr. Patrick Neely    
Ms. Bill Rea

Staff Present:
Ms. D. Fraser, CEO 
Ms. D. Vatanen, Minutes
Mr. Benn MacDonald    
1.    Call to Order

The Chair, Mr. Bill Rea, called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

2.    Declarations of Conflict of Interest    None.

3.    Approval of Agenda

19.35    Moved by Patrick Neely  
Seconded by Grant Peters 

That the agenda of June 26, 2019, be approved as amended. 
Agenda Item # 6 Information Items was moved to end of agenda after closed meeting. 

4.    Adoption of the Previous Library Board Meeting Minutes

19.36    Moved by Patrick Neely 
    Seconded by Lisa Post 

That the minutes of the regular board meeting held on May 22, 2019 be adopted.

5.    Presentation to the Board        None.
7.    Reports

a)    Report # 19-09 Policy Review (Accessibility Standards for Customer Service) 

19.37    Moved by Patrick Neely 
    Seconded by Grant Peters 

That report # 19-09, dated June 26, 2019 with respect to the review of the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Policy be received;

And that the Orangeville Public Library Board adopt and continue to abide by the Town of Orangeville’s Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Policy attached to this report as Appendix A. 

b)    Report # 19-10 Policy Review (Personnel)

19.38    Moved by Lisa Post 
    Seconded by Patrick Neely

That report # 19-10 dated June 26, 2019 with respect to a review of the policies governing Personnel be received; 

And that the Orangeville Public Library Board adopt and continue to abide by the Town of Orangeville’s current Personnel policies. 

c)    Report # 19-11 Review of Pre Budget Discussions

19.39    Moved by Grant Peters 
    Seconded by Sheri Marks 

That report # 19-11, dated June 26, 2019 with respect to pre-budget discussions be received;

And that staff develop a capital and operating budget for 2020 as per direction provided, to be presented at the September meeting.

8.    Items for discussion / New Business         None.

9.    Municipal Update – Councillors Lisa Post and Grant Peters         None. 

10.    Comments and Announcements 

Ms. Fraser shared that the 2019 Budget Information flyer which accompanied all the tax bills is a bit misleading. The Library Collection is paid through a reserve funded from the operating budget. 
The $ 190,000 is a line/expenditure on our operating budget.

CULC is dismayed with changes announced by Hachette Book Group (HBG) and Blackstone Publishing to their ebook and digital audiobook lending models for libraries. Effective July 1, 2019, HBG, one of the “Big Five” publishers (HBG, HarperCollins, Macmillan Publishers, Penguin Random House, and Simon & Schuster), will replace its perpetual ownership model for libraries with a two-year access model for ebooks.

We received word from local authorities (OPS, Public Health) that one of our patrons clothing may be infested in bed bugs. We will be banning him until we hear on good authority (i.e. Public Health or OPS) that he is no longer infected. Staff will monitor the community living room area for any signs. 

Ms. Fraser mentioned that the library reinstated ILLO with limitations, some patrons are not happy. Sylvia Jones’ office issued a statement on June 26 and the board requested that the CEO send a letter and request a meeting with Ms. Jones.

11.    Closed Meeting

That a closed meeting of the Orangeville Public Library Board be held for the purposes of considering the following subject matters pursuant to the Public Library Act, s. 16.1(4) 

(b) personal matters about an identifiable individual. 

19.40    Moved by Patrick Neely 
    Seconded by Lisa Post

    That the library board move into camera at 6:15 pm.

19.41    Moved by Sheri Marks
    Seconded by Patrick Neely

    That the library board move out of camera at 6:25 pm. 

6.    Information Items

a.    CEO Report 
b.    Friends of the Library (Draft Minutes June 11, 2019)
c.    Incident Report 
d.    Financial Report 
e.    Statistical Report (to follow)
f.    Correspondence 
i.    2019-05-16 Letter from Town of Mono Re non-resident agreements 

19.42    Moved by Lisa Post 
    Seconded by Shelley Bergant 

That the information items as listed be received. 

12.    Adjournment

19.43    Moved by Patrick Neely
    Seconded by Shelley Bergant

    That the meeting adjourn.    (Time:  6:30 p.m.) 

___________________________    ________________________________

 Bill Rea, Chair        Darla Fraser, Secretary

Next Meeting:    Wednesday, September 25, 2019 @ 5 pm, 1 Mill Street