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Walking tours -- Footsteps From Our Past

Oct 20, 2016 | General | Marketing

The 68-page guide features three walking tours -- The Booming Broadway tour, the Founders Tour and a new third tour, the Prosperous Years Tour, which focuses on Zina Street and the success of local merchants and business people. Each of the three tours is colour-coded and each property is outlined in a detailed map on page 65.

The guide is full colour and even features a glossary so individuals taking the tour can expand their architectural knowledge. The architectural glossary features examples of various architectural elements and an example of where they can be found along the tour routes. The guide to Orangeville’s building styles indicates predominate architectural styles used in town, the era during which those styles were used, and an example of where a building representing the style can be found along the tour routes.

The historical walking tour booklet will be available at Town Hall, 87 Broadway, for free (or donations are gladly accepted), and all tours can be started at Town Hall. The booklet is also available online in a PDF format to view, download, or print.