Nick Garisto, Councillor

Nick Garisto was first elected to Council in 1994, re-elected in 1997 and later served as Deputy Mayor in 2000. He returned to political office in 2014 as Councillor.

Councillor Nick Garisto

Portfolio: Finance & Administration (focuses on policy matters with respect to the Treasury, Clerk’s and Administration Departments)

Boards & Committees: Economic Development Committee, Orangeville Business Improvement Area Board, Island Lake Management Committee, Property Standards Committee, Transit Committee

Nick Garisto was born in a small southern town in Italy and moved to Canada in 1960 with his family and attended school in Toronto.  After finishing school, he began to apprentice with a shop owner and learned his trade in hairstyling, later graduating from the College of Arts to obtain his trade certificate.  Mr. Garisto was inspired by his trade and opened his own barbershop in Orangeville where he runs his business. 

Nick and his wife Maria and raised their four children here in Orangeville and they currently have seven grandchildren.  Mr. Garisto is proud to call Orangeville home and has lived here for the past 33 years.

Mr. Garisto served on the economic development committee for a three-year term, starting in 1991.  He was first elected as a Councillor in 1994, re-elected in 1997 and then elected as Deputy Mayor in 2000.  Councillor Garisto has served on various committees and boards such as Millennium Celebration, Recreation, Public Works, Finance, Protection to Persons and Property, Library Board and Economic Development.  Over the years, he has actively followed local politics and voiced his opinion in Council Chambers.

Contact Info:

Email:                   [email protected]

Phone:                 519-941-9826