Members of Council/Contact Information

Orangeville Council, the legislative governing body for the Town of Orangeville, is comprised of a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and five Councillors.

Orangeville Council meets on a regular basis in Council Chambers in the Town Hall at 87 Broadway. 2018 Council Schedule

Council Contact Information

Jeremy D Williams, Mayor
[email protected]
Town Hall: 519-941-0440 Ext. 2240
Cell Phone: 888-407-0727

Warren Maycock, Deputy Mayor
[email protected]
Phone: 519-941-1837

Sylvia Bradley, Councillor
[email protected]
Phone: 519-940-8747

Gail Campbell, Councillor
[email protected]
Phone: 519-942-2719

Nick Garisto, Councillor
[email protected]
Phone: 519-941-9826

Don Kidd, Councillor
[email protected]
Phone: 519-942-0155

Scott Wilson, Councillor
[email protected]
Phone: 519-835-0900