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Sustainable Orangeville Terms of Reference

Date Approved by Council:  February 25, 2019

Sunset Date:  N/A



The purpose of this committee is to assist in the development, implementation, and promotion of environmentally sustainable practices within the Town of Orangeville to reduce the Town’s environmental impact and improve the quality of life of its residents, now and in the future including but not limited to:

  • urban food systems (e.g. community gardens)
  • active transportation awareness and infrastructure (e.g. cycling)
  • waste reduction initiatives (garbage, recycling and composting)
  • water conservation and stewardship
  • air quality
  • energy conservation
  • urban forestry improvements and initiatives (e.g. tree planting)
  • assist with implementation of the Town’s Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP)

The Committee may also direct or monitor volunteer community working groups participating in specific projects or initiatives, e.g.

  • Communities in Bloom program to encourage community volunteerism, pride and active participation in the ongoing development of a healthy and beautiful Orangeville
  • Earth Week celebrations and projects
  • Urban Harvest Projects


  1. To advise on short-term, intermediate and long term environmental and sustainability strategic initiatives.
  2. To raise new, relevant, unexplored environmental/sustainability issues pertinent to the Orangeville and the County.
  3. To prepare and submit to Council for endorsement, annual work plans for:
    1. Sustainable Orangeville; and
    2. volunteer community working groups, such as Communities in Bloom, Urban Harvest Group, etc.

The annual work plans must align with these Terms of Reference and include specific targets and objectives supporting the work, priorities and underlying principles of this Committee and Town of Orangeville for:

Reporting to Council:

  • circulation of monthly minutes
  • presentations/delegations as necessary

Enabling Legislation, By-Law or Staff Report:

CPS-CL-2019-03, February 25, 2019

Committee Composition:

A total of eleven (11) members, comprised of:

  • One (1) Town Councillor
  • One (1) Communities in Bloom member
  • One (1) Upper Grand District School Board representative
  • Eight (8) public appointments

Skills Requested

  • passion for environmental stewardship
  • background in one or more sustainable areas of focus (see Goals/Objectives)

Administration Section

Department Linkage:                                  
Community Services Department

Staff Support:
Administrative Support:  Administrative Assistant, Community Services
Technical Expertise:  Community Services staff, as needed

Meeting Frequency: