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Bike Safely in Orangeville

The Town's bike routes will have bike signs and road sharrows.

The Town of Orangeville would like to establish a climate of safe cycling, allowing individuals and families to cycle safely from their homes to the downtown core and destinations in between.  

Part of this initiative is a continuous awareness campaign, where cyclists must know and respect the rules of the road and be aware that they are sharing roads with cars. Riding safely and lawfully is their responsibility. A Biking in Orangeville pamphlet was developed to provide information to both cyclists and drivers.  The new Cycling and Trails Master Plan  provides recommendations for future planning and development of cycling and trails within Orangeville.

Additionally, we want car drivers to be aware that on roads designated as bike routes there will be more cyclists over time and that with awareness and a little more patience, no one need be inconvenienced.

A bicycle route represents a preferred travel route for bicyclists while sharing the road with motorized vehicles. A bicycle route does not impact regular traffic or parking, and does not require additional road width. The routes aim to concentrate bicycle traffic to recommended streets and provide awareness to both bicycles and vehicles that the road is to be shared.

A silent auction was held in early 2016, the purpose of which was to provide the necessary funding to purchase and install bike signs and road sharrows for the three routes identified on the Bike Route Map, to defray some of the long-term operating expenses (fixing and replacing signs and sharrows over time), as well as expanding and promoting the bicycle route program. The Rotary Club of Orangeville successfully bid on one of the three routes, which is now known as Rotary Way.

group of cyclists on route opening day
photo of a cycling chevron on pavement

This is a road sharrow.