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Heritage Orangeville

Heritage Orangeville advises and makes recommendations to Council related to the designation of historically, architecturally and culturally significant properties pursuant to the Ontario Heritage Act.

Heritage Orangeville's role is to facilitate the conservation and preservation of not only our inheritance of historically, architecturally, and culturally significant properties, but also our natural environment and our culture, all of which are irreplaceable assets of the community in which we live.  For further information, please see our Heritage Orangeville brochure.

Awareness Plaque Program
Participate in the Town’s awareness plaque program and show your pride in Orangeville's heritage. Historic plaques serve as an effective instrument to heighten the visibility of architectural and historic features within the community and to promote heritage awareness.

Owners of buildings constructed prior to 1920 may apply for an awareness plaque.  An awareness plaque does not indicate heritage designation. The plaques obtained through this program aid in identifying Orangeville's prestigious heritage but are not accompanied by any conservation benefits or regulations.

For further information on the awareness plaque program or to obtain an application and guidelines, please contact the Committee Administrator, at the Orangeville Town Hall, 87 Broadway, 519-941-0440 Ext. 2256 or [email protected].

Heritage Designation
Our cultural heritage is what we value from the past and what we want to preserve for future generations.  The designation of individual properties under the Ontario Heritage Act is one tool that municipalities have used to protect thousands of heritage properties in hundreds of communities across Ontario.  Owners of designated properties are very proud of the heritage they are entrusted with and welcome the bronze plaque which identifies its significance.   For further information on the designation process or to obtain an owner authorization form, please contact the Committee Administrator at 519-941-0440 Ext. 2256.

Historical Walking Tours
Be sure to enjoy the architecture and heritage of many of the historic homes and buildings in Orangeville by taking all three of the historical walking tours available in the "Footsteps from our Past" walking tour booklet.  Copies of the booklet are also available free of charge at the Town Hall, 87 Broadway.

Heritage Conservation District
Orangeville Town Council enacted a by-law in 2002 designating a portion of the Orangeville Central Business District as a Heritage Conservation District. This designation plays an important role in protecting the downtown’s diverse and rich heritage of 19th century buildings. The Heritage Conservation District Study can be viewed online.