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2018 Arts and Culture Awards nominations

Complete your nomination today for the 2018 Arts and Culture Awards presented by the Town of Orangeville.

The Town of Orangeville annually presents the arts and culture awards recognizing individuals, businesses and organizations that have contributed to arts and culture in Orangeville. Arts and culture can include visual, music, dance, film, theatre, or written mediums, but also embraces culinary arts, parades, festivals, community events, design and much more.

Who is eligible?
To qualify, the nominee must be a resident of the County of Dufferin. Any individual, agency, organization or community group may nominate an individual, organization or business for any awards listed below. Past award recipients are not eligible to be nominated for the same award. Past nominees are eligible to be nominated again. Self-nominations are accepted.

How is the recipient selected?
An independent panel of judges from outside the County of Dufferin will review the nominations and choose the recipients. To ensure the independent panel of judges is fully aware of the nominee’s contribution to the arts and culture in our community, a clear and concise written description must be given and should list all relevant activities and achievements. Do not include links to websites. The judges will not search the internet.

How do you nominate someone?
Fill out the nomination form below or pick up a nomination form at Customer Service at Town Hall (87 Broadway, Orangeville). Include a detailed description outlining the outstanding contributions and describe the nominee’s background/history relating to the contribution. Support materials (e.g. CD’s, DVD’s, photos) may be included; however materials will not be returned. Please ensure an award category is selected. Nominations are due Monday, August 27, 2018.  See nomination submission details below. 

Upon receipt of the nomination by the Town, nominees will receive a copy of the nomination form (without the nominator information) plus a nominee form to complete requesting any further information they wish to provide to the judges. Deadline for nominee forms is Friday, September 7, 2018.

Nomination Deadline:
Nominations may be submitted by mail, hand delivered, faxed, emailed or online, addressed to:
Town of Orangeville, 87 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1K1, Attention: Katrina Lemire
Email: klemire
@orangeville.ca; Fax: 519-941-9569.
Nominations must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. on Monday, August 27, 2018. 

Awards and Criteria:
Established Artist of the Year: honours an established artist in our community with an extensive body of work and/or who has achieved a wide degree of recognition.

Emerging Artist of the Year: honours an emerging artist in our community who is in the early years of his/her career.

Student Artist of the Year: honours a young emerging student artist in the community who is currently studying full time.

Community Arts Volunteer Advocate: honours a person who has advocated for the arts and culture of our community through volunteer service.

Arts Educator of the Year: honours a teacher, instructor or arts specialist whose creative use of the arts enriches the learning experience of students (not restricted to schools).

Community Impact by a Business: honours a business organization which recognizes the importance of the arts through financial or in-kind support, use/display of the arts in the workplace, and/or encouragement of employees to volunteer for the arts or otherwise serves as an advocate for the arts.

Community Impact by an Organization: honours an organization that has recognized the significance of arts and culture to our community’s well-being. (Groups within an organization may be nominated, even if the organization is a past recipient. An organization may be nominated, even if a group within the organization is a past recipient).

Creative Cultural Event: honours an exhibit, performance, benefit, festival, series or special event which brought heightened visibility to the arts and provided the community with a quality artistic event.

2018 Arts and Culture Awards Nomination Form

Note that the nominee must be a resident of the County of Dufferin.

Please do not include website links. The judges will not search the Internet.

Do no include website links.

Please note judges are from outside Dufferin County.

Please check the box to agree and submit your nomination.