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Business makes access a priority

Access Orangeville has initiated a program whereby local businesses can partner with the Town, through Access Orangeville, to promote their accessible features and services.

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Access Orangeville appreciates the accessible services offered by the following Orangeville businesses. Together we are enhancing the shopping experience for everyone.


Applicants should review the following criteria for this program:

  • Wheelchair accessibility through the main entrance or an alternative entrance into the business

  • Once inside, adequate room for a wheelchair to manoeuvre within the establishment

  • Automated door opener is preferred – however, if not available, there should be a door bell for an employee to open the door for an individual requiring assistance or at a minimum, there needs to be an employee situated with a line of sight on the front door of the establishment who can visually see if an individual requires assistance gaining entry

  • If there is any change in elevation of the floor within the establishment (i.e. stairs up or down, or slight incline/decline in floor) it shall be clearly indicated

  • Wheelchair accessible washrooms are recommended
    (References to wheelchair above could include manual and automated wheelchairs or scooters).


Add your business to the list by filling out the application form.



500 Riddell Rd, Orangeville, ON L9W 5L1
Phone Number:  519-941-1339          Fax Number:  519-941-0554
[email protected]

Sobeys has made a tremendous effort to enhance the shopping experience for everyone.

  • Home Delivery Services - Delivery services are available to those individuals who require assistance with their grocery shopping needs. Delivery services are available on Tuesday and Wednesday every week (if a holiday falls on these days, Sobeys will offer an alternative day(s) during the same week). This service is offered with a delivery fee, fees vary depending location, etc. Please call, 519-941-1339 to inquire further and obtain information on how to place your order.
  • Motorized Shopping Cart - Sobeys offers an in-store motorized buggy with a large basket to make shopping easier.
  • Sales Floor - All department sales floors are accessible for easy shopping, keeping aisles free from excess clutter and obstacles.
  • Friendly Customer Service - Staff members have been trained to assist customers with their shopping needs. Staff can assist with your shopping, product questions and can help you out with your purchases.
  • Lower Top Shelves - The sales floor has been designed with lower top shelves to help all customers have better access to all products.
  • Bus Stop - Orangeville Transit is available every hour right outside the store with a bus shelter to shield you from the weather.      
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Dods & McNair

Funeral Home, Chapel and Reception Centre

21 First Street, Orangeville, ON  L9W 2C8 
Phone Number:  519-941-1392          Fax Number:  519-941-9171
[email protected] | www.dodsandmcnair.com

Dods & McNair have made tremendous efforts to make their funeral home, chapel and reception centre barrier free.  Accessible features include:

  • Accessible Parking Spaces at the entrances to the Funeral Home
  • Ramp entrance from rear parking lot
  • Elevator between floors 1 and 2
  • Accessible washrooms on each floor
  • Large Reception Centre with tables for comfortable seating
  • Automatic, oversized doors for easy entry
  • Circular driveway at front of building for easy drop-off
  • Wheelchairs and walkers available
  • Large and spacious facility for easy mobility
Dods & McNair


Orangeville Optometric Centre

31 First Street, Orangeville, ON  L9W 2C8 
Phone Number:  519-941-6761          Fax Number:  519-941-8093
[email protected] | www.orangevilleoptometrists.ca

Orangeville Optometric Centre has made accessibility and safety their highest priority.  Their office features: 

  • Staff members trained to support patients who require special assistance
  • Accessible entrance is clearly marked with the international symbol of accessibility and equipped with power assisted door openers, which move slowly and safely to accommodate persons using mobility aids, wheelchairs or scooters
  • Accessible pedestrian route, aisles and hallway traffic areas are wide enough to accommodate persons using mobility aids, wheelchairs or scooters
  • Floor finishes have non-slip surfaces under wet and dry conditions
  • Carpeted areas are firm so as to provide easy mobility for persons using a wheelchair
  • Accessible washroom
  • Patients with service animals and assistive devices are welcome
  • Public transit in close proximity
  • Home delivery services are available
Orangeville Optometric Centre



23 Mill Street, Orangeville, ON  L9W 2M2
Phone Number:  519-307-7070

Fromage has made a great effort to enhance the shopping experience for everyone by providing:

  • An accessible sloped entryway from the exterior door to the inside of the store
  • Sturdy handrails to assist customers up the small ramp
  • Wide aisles that are easily navigated by wheelchairs, walkers and strollers
  • Personalized service to those who are vision impaired or hearing impaired, and store staff will carry any heavy bags/boxes out to customers vehicles
Fromage logo



640 Riddell Road, Orangeville ON  L9W 5G5

The Shell gas station at 640 Riddell Road in Orangeville has partnered with Access Orangeville in an accessible business program to promote accessible features and services. The business provides full service at the gas pumps to persons requiring assistance during specified periods. Anyone requiring assistance at the pumps can access this full service program by pulling up to either pump 1 or pump 2 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and then simply call:

  • Cell phone users can call 519-940-9848 to alert staff that they are at the pump and require assistance.
  • Non cell phone users can call ahead at 519-940-9848 to alert staff they are on the way and confirm the type of vehicle they drive so staff can identify them when they arrive at the pump.
Shell Oil logo