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Orangeville Council, the legislative governing body for the Town of Orangeville, is comprised of a Mayor, Deputy Mayor and five Councillors.

The Elected Council is responsible for

  1. Representing, as directly and accurately as possible, the wishes and views of constituents;
  2. Establishing policies for the operation of the municipality; and
  3. Ensuring that the Town's financial and personnel resources are used as efficiently as possible and are consistent with the objectives of municipal government.


Orangeville Council meets at the Orangeville Town Hall at 87 Broadway, in the Council Chambers. Meetings generally start at 7 p.m. The 2020 Schedule is available online.

Meetings of Orangeville Council can be viewed on Youtube. Select the Council meeting you wish to view or see a meeting streamed live.

Delegations to Council

Members of the public who wish to make presentations to Council on their own behalf or on behalf of companies or organizations are called “delegations to Council.”  Requests to appear before Council are to be in writing, and submitted to the Clerk (Municipal Offices, 87 Broadway) at least 7 days prior to the meeting at which you want to appear.  The request should include the subject matter to be discussed, along with any background information that would be of assistance to Council.  Delegations are allowed five minutes to address Council. 

Caution to Delegations

Orangeville Town Council welcomes and encourages members of the public to comment on matters of interest to them.  We encourage delegations to address their remarks to the issue at hand and refrain from commenting on individuals or organizations. Delegates are cautioned that derogatory or inappropriate remarks may constitute slander and could potentially lead to legal action against them. If such comments are made, the delegate will not be permitted to continue speaking and the comments will not be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

Please note that any request to appear before Council will form part of the Council agenda and  all information contained therein will be available to the public.

Delegation to Council Form