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Social Media

The Town uses social media to increase outreach and engagement with the public.

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The Town is using social media, in conjunction with traditional communications, to enhance and increase outreach and engagement with stakeholders, while providing a consistent level of service and access to information. The use of social media also provides opportunities to build and maintain public trust, transparency and accountability in government. It may be used to consult with the public; and recruit employees, volunteers and public appointees.

The Town supports the use of social media insofar as it is used to:

  • Promote programs and services,
  • Educate the public,
  • Share information,
  • Gain public feedback and respond to queries, and
  • Alert the community in emergency situations.

Social media is integrated with a variety of communications tools and tactics, as part of an overall communications strategy, to maximize outreach. The Town’s website – www.orangeville.ca – is the Town’s primary source of information exchange with the community. The Town’s website serves as a hub for all the social media networks, with postings frequently directing users to relevant sections of the website.