Alarm Registration and Response By-law -- Orangeville Police Services Board

May 12, 2015 | General

By-law # 39-15

Being a By-law of the Orangeville Police Services Board to establish a system for the Registration of Alarm Systems and the Procedure for Police Response.

Whereas the Orangeville Police Services Board is responsible for the provision of police services, law enforcement, crime prevention, assistance to victims of crime, emergency response and public order maintenance in the Town of Orangeville;

And whereas alarms attract emergency response from the police service;

And whereas the police response of monitored alarm devices at institutional, commercial, and residential premises may result in a serious loss of police resources when alarms are found to be false;

And whereas  the provisions of the Municipal Act R.S.O. 1990 as amended, provides that a local Board may pass by-laws imposing fees or charges on any class of person for services or activities provided or done by or on behalf of it;

Now therefore the Orangeville Police Services Board hereby enacts as follows:



Alarm Registration and Response By-law


Provide for pre-registration of alarmed premises, control the incidence of False Alarms and provide for the imposition of charges for Police Response to False Alarms.

Part I         Registration of Alarm Systems

1.1       An alarm registration fee will be required in order to receive police response to monitored alarm systems.  The fee will be waived initially and is subject to change at a later time.  The police response will include two (2) false alarms in any 365 day period. It will be the responsibility of the monitoring stations/alarm companies to contact all their monitored alarm subscribers and advise them of this alarm registration requirement and forward the addresses of subscribers that wish to be registered by the municipality.

1.2       A copy of the Orangeville Police Services Board By-law relative to Alarm Response and Registration will be provided to each subscriber at the time of registration by the monitoring stations/alarm company.

1.3       Alarm holders who choose not to subscribe to a monitoring station will be required to register with the Orangeville Police and are subject to all the terms contained herein.


Part II          False Alarm Program

Registered Premise

2.1       Any registered alarm premise that has had a police response on two (2) occasions within a 365 day period, where it has been determined to be false, will be sent a caution notice to the monitoring station. In the event the subscriber is not associated to a monitoring station, a caution notice will be generated and sent to the address.

2.2       Any registered alarm premise that has a third false alarm within a 365 day period, will be suspended for 30 days from police response. A suspension notice will be sent to the monitoring station and to the registered subscriber’s address.  In lieu of this suspension, a reinstatement fee of $150.00 plus H.S.T. may be paid to the Orangeville Police Service.

2.3       Any registered alarm premise with a fourth or subsequent false alarm, within a 365 day, period will be suspended for one (1) year from police response. A suspension notice will be sent to the monitoring station and to the registered subscriber’s address. In lieu of this suspension, a reinstatement fee of $200.00 plus H.S.T. may be paid to the Orangeville Police Service.


Non-registered Premise

2.4       If the Orangeville Police Service responds to a false alarm and the premise has not been registered, the Orangeville Police Service will forward a letter to the subscriber advising of the requirement for registration and remittance of any applicable registration fee, plus H.S.T. and a copy of the By-Law will be furnished upon receipt of the registration fee. The alarm subscriber will be allowed 15 days, from the alarm response date, to register and pay any applicable fee or be suspended from police response.


Part III         Registration Fees & Suspension


3.1       There are no initial registration fees for either monitoring companies or for individuals who choose not to use a monitoring station/alarm company and have installed a private alarm system.  Should a fee be imposed at a later time, cheques/money orders will only be accepted for pre-registration.


3.2       Suspensions shall be imposed as per Sections 2.2 and 2.3. The Payment of $150.00 or $200.00 plus H.S.T. may be received from either the alarm subscriber or the monitoring station/alarm company in lieu of either a 30 day or 365 day suspension.

Part IV        Alarm Response Cancellations

4.1       This Police Service will accept alarm response cancellations from Alarm Monitoring Companies and/or Stations. When the monitoring company notifies our Police Service regarding an alarm signal, police personnel will dispatch police units in accordance with our policies. Should the alarm monitoring company and/or station call back to our communicators to cancel the alarm, the communicator will obtain the name and/or operator number of the employee of the monitoring company and/or station, note same in our records dispatch system and cancel the unit(s) being dispatched. Cancelled alarms, where a member of the police service has not yet arrived on scene, will not be included as a false alarm response.


Part V         Definitions

5.1                   Alarm System

Any device, which when activated transmits a signal or message to an alarm business, monitoring station or signals the general public.

5.2                   Alarm Business

Any person or persons who engage in the business of installing, maintaining or servicing an alarm system.

5.3                   Monitoring Station

Any person or persons who engage in the business of monitoring alarm signals for commercial, institutional or residential alarm systems and reporting that alarm status to the police.

5.4                   Alarm Subscriber

Any person or group of persons who use an alarm system to

protect any building structure, facility, premises or ATM and may be either the owner, occupier or lessee of the premises where the

alarm system is installed.

5.5                   Key Holder

An individual designated by the alarm subscriber who can be contacted in the event of an alarm condition. This individual must have access to the alarmed premises, be able to operate the alarm system and must be able to attend the premises within 30 minutes of being requested to attend by police.

5.6                   Alarm Permit Number

A number assigned to an alarm system by the alarm coordinator, which will generate a history of alarms for that premise.

5.7                  False Alarm

An alarm incident where there is no evidence of unauthorized entry or an unlawful act having been attempted or made into, on or respecting the building, structure, premise or ATM, either intentionally or unintentionally that unnecessarily or improperly results in a police response and includes but is not limited to:

a)         The activation of an alarm system during its testing;

b)        An alarm system activated by a mechanical failure, malfunction or faulty equipment;

c)         An alarm system activated by atmospheric conditions, vibrations, or power failure;

d)        An alarm system activated in error by the owner of the premises, his agent or any employee.

5.8                   Valid Alarm

An alarm signal which has been activated for the legitimate purposes for which it was installed, that being a criminal act or attempt or an emergency situation related to the premises.

5.9                   Police Response

Includes any means of answering a call for police service.

5.10                Registration Payment

Payment received from a monitoring station on behalf of a subscriber covering a 365 day period from date of processing. Payment also includes those funds received directly from subscribers who choose not to use the services of a monitoring station/alarm company.

5.11                Registered Premises

Premise at a specific address that registration payment has been received listing current owner/occupant and or company.

5.12                Suspension

The refusal of police response to an alarm call, but does not include refusal of response to a verified criminal act.

5.13              Caution Notice

A letter issued to a monitoring company/alarm company or subscriber as the case may be, setting out a caution that two false alarms have been received from a premise within a calendar year and any subsequent false alarms will result in a suspension notice.

5.14                Suspension Notice

A letter issued to an alarm subscriber and monitoring station/alarm company. This letter shall contain the alarm permit number, premise name and address, date of false alarms, alarm incident numbers and the reinstatement procedure.

Part VI       Administration

6.1                   That this by-law is hereby enacted by the Orangeville  Police Services Board on this 12th day of May 2015, and shall take effect on the 1st day of September 2015.

6.2                   That distribution of this by-law be unrestricted.