Pruning or trimming trees on neighbouring private property affects private property rights and is a civil matter between both property owners.

Maintenance of Trees on neighbouring private property

The Town of Orangeville has no jurisdiction with respect to such issues. We recommend you discuss your concerns with your neighbour and reach an agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached, you may wish to seek legal advice to determine your rights.

It is important to remember when pruning or trimming branches that:

  • You cannot trespass onto your neighbour’s property
  • You cannot damage your neighbour’s property (in this case a tree)

· You have the right to maintain your property in a safe condition

If the tree in question is dead/dying or has dead branches that could be hazardous, By-law and Property Standards Officers can investigate. For more information about the Property Standards By-law, please visit https://www.orangeville.ca/by-law-enforcement/property-standards or contact [email protected]