Septic Permits

The construction of septic systems requires a permit under the Ontario Building Code.

To obtain a septic permit, the applicant must complete the Town's application form, which forms part of Bylaw Number 31-98 and is known as Schedule B.  The applicant must also complete Schedule 2: Sewage System Installer Information, which forms part of the building permit application form.  Please ensure that the BCIN number of the installer is included in Schedule 2.  The applicant may be the homeowner, contractor, or an agent for the owner.

Please note: applicants who are not the owner of the property will be required to submit with the permit application a letter of authorization from the owner.  For your convenience, you may use our standard agent authorization form.

For information on fees for a septic permit, please refer to Schedule A of Bylaw Number 31-98.

For clarification and questions on obtaining a septic permit and the required inspections, please contact the Building Division directly at 519-941-0440 Ext 2228.