Temporary display of merchandise procedures 2020

New temporary display of merchandise guidelines have been established for BIA businesses.

Temporary Display of Merchandise Procedures 2020

As part of the Town’s recovery plan from the COVID-19 pandemic, new temporary display of merchandise guidelines have been established for Business Improvement Area (BIA) businesses that will allow merchants to increase their outdoor display space on a temporary basis while encouraging physical distancing. No fees will apply.

BIA area businesses interested in expanding their outdoor display space for the 2020 season will be able to do so safely and quickly, by following these guidelines:


  • Sidewalk/walking area of no less than 1.5 m (5’) wide is to be maintained;
  • Retailers will be permitted to maintain their existing .75 m (2.5 ft) ft extension from their facades or erect a tent on the street side of the boulevard, but not on the roadway;
  • Tents must be anchored/secured but not attached/embedded to the sidewalk - weights must be used;
  • Tents cannot be positioned adjacent to the façade.


Retailers interested in expanding their space by erecting a tent on the street side of the sidewalk will be required to:

  • Submit sketches (outlining tent location/size/anchors) and proof of insurance. A liability insurance policy in an amount of no less than $2,000,000, with a cross liability clause naming the Town as an additional insured will be obtained and provided and provided to the Town. The Certificate of Insurance will name the “Corporation of the Town of Orangeville” as additionally insured for no less than $2,000,000;
  • Sketches and Certificates of Insurance can be submitted to Ruth Phillips, Manager, Economic Development and Culture - [email protected]. Submissions will be reviewed and responses provided as quickly as possible.

For additional information, interested merchants are welcome to contact the Manager, Economic Development and Culture. The existing Display of Merchandise on Sidewalks by-law can be reviewed at https://www.orangeville.ca/bylaws/2003/03/17/display-of-merchandise-on-sidewalks-by-law-31-2003