Support for students and new grads

The Prime Minister announced nearly $9 billion in support for students and new grads affected by COVID-19

Canada Emergency Student Benefit

  • Supports students currently in programs, returning to school in the fall and who recently graduated (December 2019)
  • Provides $1250/month from May to August or $2000/month for students who are caring for someone else or are disabled
  • Support will be paid through CRA from May to August 2020 - online applications are now open

Job Creation

  • Additional 76,000 jobs will be created in addition to the jobs available through the Canada Summer Jobs Grant program (all adds up to 116,000 jobs)
  • These additional jobs will be targeted to specific sectors needing additional help (including health, food, agriculture, ecommerce) and to support existing internships, research positions, etc.

Canada Student Service Grant

  • Students who volunteer over the summer in some capacity to help fight against COVID can earn between $1000 to $5000 depending on the number of hours they provide
  • Student grants will be doubled for the 2020/21 school year. Full time students will qualify for up to $6,000 and Part time students will qualify for up to $3600
  • Student loans will also be expanded and the weekly loan cap increased for the 2020/21 year

Canada Service Core

  • Youth aged 15 to 30 can apply for micro grants to serve and make a difference in their communities
  • number of grants will be expanded from 1800 to 15000 (grant $ amounts unknown one example provided was $1500)

Full details of the student assistance programs can be found here.