Source Protection Plan

A Source Protection Plan is a strategy and suite of policies that outlines how the quantity and quality of municipal drinking water sources will be protected.

The policies in the source protection plan set out the actions that need to be taken in order to prevent, reduce,or eliminate significant threats to drinking water. 

The overall goal of the Source Protection Plan and its policies is to:

  • Safeguard human health
  • Ensure adequate, safe and clean water is available both now and in the future and
  • Protect water sources from significant drinking water threats

The policies in the Source Protection Plan specifically outline how each of  the  21 prescribed drinking water threats will be be addressed if they are determined to be a significant threat to drinking water.

The Source Protection Plan and its policies were developed by group  stakeholders representing economic,agricultural, public and municipal interests across the Credit Valley, Toronto and Region, and Central Lake Ontario watersheds. 

In addition to developing the Source Protection Plan, the Source Protection Committee was responsible for ensuring that an open process was followed during  the development of the plan, and that all policies to protect drinking water sources were developed based on sound science.

Find the Source Protection Plan here:  http://www.ctcswp.ca/ 

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