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The Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of skating programs for all age groups, such as shinny hockey, youth skate, adult recreational hockey, just to name a few.

Please click here for the drop-in program schedule for March 31 to May 5. As the season is coming to a close, please check the Cancellations page for other changes or cancellations for skating programs.

OUTDOOR RINKS  - Please note that all outdoor rinks are closed for the season. 

  • Idyllwilde Park, located at Fourth Street and Second Avenue (lighted)
    - washrooms are not available for use
  • Princess of Wales Park, located at Saxon Street and Alder Street (lighted)
    - there are no washrooms at this location
  • Tony Rose Memorial Sports Centre at 6 Northmen Way, located at the back of the arena "A" (lighted)
    - washrooms are available inside Tony Rose Memorial Sports Centre when open
  • Orangeville Lions Club Sports Park at 120 Diane Drive (unlighted)
    - there are no washrooms at this location

  Please observe the following guidelines when using outdoor rinks:

1. All outdoor rinks are unsupervised; parents/guardians are responsible for supervising children at all times.

2. Use of the rink is restricted to daylight hours only (with the exceptions of Princess of Wales, Idyllwilde and Tony Rose).

3. The Town of Orangeville strongly recommends that appropriate CSA safety equipment be worn at all times.

4. Please respect others; click here to view the Town of Orangeville's Rzone policy.

5. In case of emergency, please call 911.

6. For more information, please email , or call 519-940-9092.

Volunteer Supported Outdoor Ice Rink Policy
Would you like to have an outdoor ice rink in your community? If so, read the Volunteer Supported Outdoor Ice Rink Policy to learn how.  The Town of Orangeville Volunteer Supported Outdoor Ice Rink Policy was developed in response to community demand to permit volunteers to operate outdoor ice rinks. The guidelines and application package has been established to assist an approved volunteer group to build and maintain an outdoor ice rink on Town land.

Note that during holidays, regular skating schedules will change. For skating program cancellations or changes due to special events or maintenance issues, click here.

For further information on programs please contact the Recreation Department at 519-940-9092.


    Last Updated April 9, 2014