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150th Birthday for Orangeville

Can you say sesquicentennial? The Town of Orangeville is celebrating its 150th birthday this year with a year-long tribute to the Town's history.  

"One hundred and fifty years is a big deal and we need to celebrate it," Orangeville Mayor Rob Adams said. The upcoming celebrations are:

  • 150 Photo Contest is organized by the Orangeville Sustainability Action Team and winners will be announced by December 9.
  • Incorporation Party on December 22 at Town Hall. 11 a.m to 2 p.m. Music, theatre, refreshments and birthday cake.
  • First Night Celebration/150 Wrap-Up at the Tony Rose Memorial Sports Centre from 6-9 p.m. Free activities, music, and fireworks.

Sesquicentennial Commemorative Awards Program

"The Sesquicentennial Commemorative Awards are a unique and fitting way to reflect upon contributions made by others and to recognize the dedication and generosity of civic-minded people to the community's betterment" Mayor Rob Adams stated when announcing the program. "Whether the award recipients are athletes, volunteers, artists or businesses, they have made a meaningful contribution to Orangeville and we want to say thanks."  Click here for more information regarding the Commemorative Awards Program and the online nomination form.

The July 6, 2013 150th Birthday Bash was a great success. The video projection show, displayed on the face of Town Hall after dusk, can be purchased for $10. A preview of the video, if you missed it, is available at The DVD version is now available for $10 and can be purchased at the Town Hall Reception at 87 Broadway. The DVD includes the projection show in DVD and QuickTime formats, outtakes, and photos of all of the members of the community who participated in the production. This DVD is a great way to commemorate the sesquicentennial year for residents, families, and friends of Orangeville.

Sesquicentennial souvenirs are also available at Town Hall, the Visitor Information Centre, and the Orangeville Public Library.
T-shirts: $10
DVDs: $10
Key Chains: $3
Postcards: $1
Lapel Pins: $1.50



    Last Updated October 25, 2013