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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Betty Kading is the Town of Orangeville's Official Town Crier. Dressed in 18th century uniform with tri-corn hat and buckled shoes, she rings a brass bell and makes announcements and calls forth the crowds at several events each year. And Betty Kading is not bashful -- she makes her declarations proudly and loudly, adding pomp, dignity and ceremony to every event. 

Orangeville Council appointed Betty as the Town's official Town Crier in 2008. Her duties for the Town are to perform welcoming proclamations and "cries" at various events and she represents the Town at several Town Crier competitions each year.

A member of the Ontario Guild of Town Criers, Betty was the official Town Crier for the Town of Oakville for 11 years and has been a Town Crier since 1989. She has competed at the World's Town Crier Championship and has consistently placed in the top three in several contests. She has the distinction of becoming the Top Woman Crier in the world on three separate occasions and was once named the Top Canadian Crier.  She is also a member of The American Guild of Town Criers, the Nova Scotia Guild, The Ancient and Honourable Guild of England, and the Austalian Guild. 

Enthusiastic and outgoing, Betty says it's an honour and a privilege to be Orangeville's Official Town Crier. "I enjoy performing and representing the community," she says.

The Town Crier is a goodwill ambassador for the community. The appearance of the Town Crier at events provides a ceremonial way to kick off events, announcements or presentations. She draws the crowd's attention, acknowledges dignitaries, and provides a synopsis of the event's significance.

The Town Crier also brings that touch of personality, and character to an event. "Will cry at the ring of a bell," is Betty's motto.

Betty can be contacted directly by telephone at 519-938-8285.

Betty Kading puts personality into the role of Town Crier.
Betty Kading puts personality into the role of Town Crier.

    Last Updated May 22, 2012