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Utility Box Art Display Program

The Town of Orangeville invites local artists to submit original artwork for the 2017 Utility Box Art Program. Now in its second year, this arts-based project aims to recognize local artists, celebrate the Town’s culture and history, and promote Orangeville as an arts and culture hub.

Purpose - The Utility Box Art Display Program is designed to increase connections between artists and neighbourhoods, organizations and residents by introducing artwork in public spaces.

Artwork on utility boxes can function as a form of communication to an audience in transit throughout the Town with the goal of creating a vibrant, inclusive, and interesting urban environment.

The Program – In an effort to enhance public places within the Town through the creation of high quality public art works, the Utility Box Art Display Program was initiated by the Town of Orangeville’s Arts & Culture Committee in 2016. In 2017, up to four utility boxes will be added to the program through this Call for Artists

Successful artist submissions must be innovative in design, foster community pride, strive to counteract graffiti vandalism, and contribute to a sense of identity for residents and businesses. When designing their artwork, artists are encouraged to consider the context of the local area and the Town as a whole.

The recommended locations for the 2017 program will expand the artwork to different areas of Orangeville with a goal of connecting with more residents. The four utility boxes proposed for 2017 installations are located at:

  • First Street at Elizabeth Street
  • Hansen Boulevard at Amelia Street
  • First Street at Hansen Boulevard
  • Clara Street at Broadway

Submissions will be accepted from local artists who meet the following criteria:

  • Artist applicants must reside in Dufferin County.
  • Artist applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Town of Orangeville employees are not eligible to apply.
  • Members of the Town of Orangeville Arts & Culture Committee are not eligible to apply.
  • A template is provided in the Call for Artists document and must be used to propose design concept(s). Submissions must include two versions of the design:
  1. A standalone copy of the design concept
  2. A copy of the design concept overlaid onto the template (please refer to the last two pages of the Call for Artists document)

Designs should fit the character of Orangeville. Themes may include nature, local history, or celebration of arts and culture. Art will be selected with consideration to scale, form, content and design relative to the site.

Designs must not contain:

  • any representations of traffic lights, signs, or signals;
  • advertisement or promotion for any business, product, or viewpoint;
  • vulgar, profane, offensive, negative, or insensitive images or writing;
  • any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, or images of illegal activity;
  • any attachment of any object(s) to the box.

Winning submissions will be selected by a jury and successful artists will receive a fee of $500 for their designs.  All artwork will be subject to Town of Orangeville review and approval through the Arts & Culture Committee.

Artwork will be professionally installed using a high quality vinyl wrap.

Download the complete program details and submission requirements and the full-size template. Submissions will be accepted until noon on May 1, 2017.