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Utility Box Art Display Program

The Town of Orangeville has just launched a new arts-based project designed to recognize local artists, celebrate the Town’s culture and history, and promote Orangeville as an arts and culture hub for...

The goal of the Town's Utility Box Art Display Program is to increase connections between artists and neighbourhoods, organizations and residents through place making while also supporting the reduction of graffiti within the community.


  • Encourage projects that contribute to the quality of the public realm.
  • Support public art initiatives to enhance the community, that come from the community and that have strong community support.
  • Build the capacity of groups to develop public arts projects that support the Town’s public art values.
  • Involve, support, respect and encourage artists.

About the Program

The program aims to:

  • Stimulate excellence in urban design and public art
  • Enhance community identity and place
  • Contribute to community vitality
  • Involve a broad range of people and community
  • Value artists and artistic processes
  • Use resources wisely


  • Approved artwork will be installed on Town owned utility boxes approved by the Town at locations approved by Town of Orangeville.
  • Designs will be developed by artists who are paid a fair stipend for the project.
  • Design themes include nature, local history, celebration of arts and culture.
  • Designs must not contain any representations of traffic lights, signs or signals, religious art, sexual content, negative imagery, or convey political partisanship.
  • Designs cannot contain advertisements or promotion for any business, product or viewpoint except for a small recognition for sponsors.
  • Designs must be created in a manner that will deter graffiti and vandalism.
  • Designs may not include any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, images of illegal activity or involve the attachment of any objects to the box.
  • Artists should understand that artwork in the public domain may be vandalized or may be damaged in the normal operation of the equipment and may be required to be replaced or removed.
  • Artwork is temporary and may not remain on the box for the lifespan of the box.
  • Submitted artwork will be evaluated by a jury with consideration to the following criteria: resident of Dufferin County, artistic excellence as demonstrated by submitted portfolio, appropriateness of scale, form, content, and design relative to the site.The committee reserves the right to reject any or all submissions if in its opinion the artwork does not comply with the criteria.
  • Artwork will be professionally installed using a high quality vinyl wrap.


  1. For a complete application package including submission form and template, please click here
  2. Upon selection, the original piece of art may be required.


Selected Artists will be required to sign an Agreement as part of their submissions.  The Town reserves the right to alter, edit, modify, adapt, reproduce and/or illustrate the artwork for any use.