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The Communications Division is responsible for increasing the public’s awareness of Town services and programs, effective communication with the public using various mediums, preparing news releases, creation of public awareness campaigns, assistance with the planning and implementation of special events and developing guidelines to maintain consistency through an effective communications program.

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As part of Corporate Services, Communications provides responses to public queries and information about programs and services, builds awareness about municipal services, establishes links with the community and media, collaborates with external organizations, develops key messages, and promotes the corporation both externally and internally via a wide variety of mediums, including social media and the corporate website. Communications manages corporate messaging and interacts with all departments, Council, Town committees, the public and media.

Communications oversees a Media Relations Policy, a Social Media Policy, corporate style guidelines,  logo graphic standards, graphic design services, the website events calendar, the Town Page, e-newsletters, accessible document creation and training, and media events.

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